S2E27: Howdy, Houston!

Recap – S2E26:Khush walks out of Swapna’s bedroom. She explains to Natasha that she needs him to rid herself of attachment for Harry. Besides, relationships are out, women want variety now. Natasha agrees with this observation. Khush returns to his house to see Ameesha and Shamiq lying on the floor, completely exhausted.
Howdy, Harry,” said Khush.
“On top of the world,” said Harry, with a wide grin. “Many misguided Indians are coming to their senses.”
“What do you think is happening with our leader?”
“He’s in bliss, enjoying his work. He’s on a ‘proud Indian’ mission. Completely focussed, despite his detractors in the country and elsewhere.”
“What’s happening in Houston is an unforgettable celebration of the crowning of our leader as a world statesman,’ says a distinguished civil servant,” said Khush, reading from a newspaper.
“Our leader is a strategist of the highest order, knowing well that the President, who’s eyeing a second tenure would not stay away from 50,000-strong rally in Houston. I have heard great speakers all over the world, but our leader takes the cake.”
“How does it help the country?”
“He has sent a strong message to our enemy.”
“What about the economy and business prospects?”
“We are buying more than we sell, so we have to increase exports to stabilise our economy. USA is cash-rich; let’s give them what they don’t have.”
“What do they want from us?”
“They’ll want to replace China with India as we’re a lesser threat.”
“That works for both sides.”
“You said it!” said Harry, ordering his eggs after a game of tennis at the CCI. Khush followed suit.
Harry’s phone buzzed. It was Natasha on the line. Harry put the call on the speaker.
“Harry! I want your permission to go to Houston with Arjun,” she said.
“You are an adult. Why do you need my permission?”
“Ma told me to seek your blessings.”
“Blessings for what?”
“To study Business Management there.”

“Why Houston, of all the places in the US?”
“I have two of my friends from JJ School of Architecture working there. Raima and I had planned to go there too but Shom took her away like you’ve taken away Anita from me.”
“I have not taken her away; just given her a place to stay, as I did with Raima. In fact I brought back Raima and Anita for you. Raima got busy with her work and now Anita is busy with hers. She and I have occasional dates, that’s all.”
“Now that I have learnt a lesson, I want to do something for myself.”
“You’re on the right path and you have my blessings.”
Khush who was keenly listening to the conversation, was all smiles.
“I wonder if this is Arjun or Swapna’s doing.”
Khush told him how Swapna had taken charge of the situation when Natasha had charged in to catch him and Swapna red-handed.

To be continued…

Author: Tapan Ghosh
Film maker, writer, thinker, rolled into one The creative me is a lot of fun. What you see here are my expressions true I hope they strike a chord within you.


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