S2E03: New Pairings

Recap S2E2Raima, the Angel

Everyone gathers at Harry’s house in Calcutta to reminisce about Raima. Harry feels attracted to Aneesha. Swapna recalls her association with Harry going back nearly 40 years to the time she was in her early teens, their decision to go their separate ways and how Raima had brought them back together. Swapna cosies up with Khush while Harry and Aneesha team up.

Khush looked quite amused when Swapna of all the people, sat down beside him with an inviting smile. Everyone had already left. Anuradha and Sanjib had to leave early to be with Anuradha’s grief-stricken parents. Raima had been their only grandchild. Their survival now depended on Anuradha and Sanjib’s marriage. Natasha, Anita and Arjun went to the Calcutta Club. Khush thought this was the right moment to counter Swapna and he asked her something he had wanted to know for a long time.

“You have never encouraged me to talk to you, you have always avoided me,” he remarked.

“I have always avoided you because that is how I react to people like you,” replied Swapna.

“What’s wrong with people like me and why the sudden change of heart?”

“To answer your first question, you behaved like a dog who runs after a bitch on heat. You hurt my feelings the very first day I set my eyes on you from my window. That day when I lost my dildo, you got the media to exhibit it to the world and then you had the gall to approach me. You wanted to satisfy the owner of the dido. You expected me to come out in the open and get laid. I thank my stars that my angel Raima came to my rescue. She seduced you into believing the dildo belonged to her.”

Khush did not know where to look; he regretted having started the conversation. Swapna was glad to see his sorry face.

“Now to answer your second question, I have to say that you have changed a lot over the years. This could be because of Harry’s influence. I can vouch for it because I am probably the biggest gainer of Harry’s goodwill. Although I have never admitted this to him or to myself, the truth just came out today.”

“Why today?”

“Perhaps because we all opened our hearts to Raima’s soul.” 

“You are right about Harry’s influence on me. He has lived life to the fullest and there is a lot to learn from him. But for him, l couldn’t have considered running Shom’s business. You are also right about today being a special day. But how did you benefit from him?”

“I wouldn’t have been able to go through my disastrous marriage, bring up my kid and look after my business single-handed, had it not been for his firmness and wisdom.”

“But Harry was not around at that time. You did everything on your own.”

“He saw to it that he was not around, otherwise I would have remained dependent. It took me almost 40 years.  The first ten with him and the rest without. I only started paying heed to what he used to say when he was not there to say it anymore. I gathered courage and disciplined myself. It has taken me several years to be independent of him and to kill my attachment for him. Today, we are in love without being possessive about each other. This is detached love. These forty years of detachment have made our love strong and unconditional.”

“Detached love, unconditional love; I know a lot about this, but what has it done for you?”

“I have met Harry only recently after years of being apart. Our relationship – if you can call it that – is drastically different now. We are independent of each other and leading our own lives. I go out with my male friends as I did while we were apart, and he does the same with his female friends. We accept each other’s separate enjoyments when we talk about them. We care a lot about each other in a carefree way. Ours is a bindaas love. I heard about being bindaas from Harry when I was 14, but it’s only now that I know what it really means.”

“Oh yes! Bindaas is Harry’s favourite word and what you tell me is amazing. I have a lot to learn, but I don’t think and I don’t analysis. I am just bindaas!”

“Yes. Aneesha is a good soul to learn from.” 

Swapna moved a bit closer to Khush and right at that moment, the music began to play. They looked up to find Harry with Aneesha on the dance floor, signalling them to join the party. Swapna saw Khush looking at her eagerly and she pulled him on to the dance floor.

Aneesha was doing the salsa on the Mombomania track and Harry was doing the lead, challenging Aneesha with every move. She displayed unbelievable dancing skills and was more than a match for him. Khush was not into dancing; he just managed to hold on to Swapna while they watched the show.

When the track ended, they applauded and Swapna changed to a slow dancing track that required intimate body contact. The scene on the floor changed. Now, there were two couples dancing in close contact.


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