S2E30: Salvation in Discomfort

Recap: S2E29 – Garba Nights at Radio Club: Harry invites Swapna, Anu, Sanjib, Khush and Anita for Navratri celebrations at the Bombay Presidency Radio Club in Colaba. Sanjib toys with the idea of a start-up in Bombay. Anu is also keen that they move from Calcutta to Bombay. They join others in the garba dance.

When Shamiq was called upon to perform as a DJ for garba night at Aer bar, he got Aneesha a job as a bargirl. She mixed some amazing drinks, moving her butt to the music that Shamiq spun away for the audience. The crowd went insane as the music hot up the cool breeze on the 34th floor rooftop. With an amazing view of the city, Aer was one of the fanciest bars in town. Both, Shamiq and Aneesha had admirers wooing them all night.

When the eventually stepped into their room in the early hours, it was twilight. Shamiq collapsed on the bed and lying on his back with his eyes closed, he waited for Aneesha to make the first move. The next moment he felt her butt close to his face and her mouth coming down on his. The sensation made him grab her kitty in his mouth. His mouth covered her entire slit from her clit to the last orifice and she moaned.

Being a giver, he took moved his hands to her fanny, his fingers led by Aneesha’s reaction and intensity of moans. He inserted his left index finger deep inside her last orifice and the right hand one inside the one beside it. He could do this despite discomfort because his body was flexible. He was able to run his fingers in and out, pressing the membrane in between with the two index fingers and the tip of her slit. She screamed with excitement till culmination.

This gave him so much relief from the anxiety of not being able to perform that his little one got excited and throbbed as he rubbed it on her fanny vigorously, to come in a big way on her. Both were thoroughly exhausted. He panted like a dog: a sign of loyalty and commitment, she thought.

It was late in the afternoon when they woke up. It took them a while to figure why it was so late.

“You’re my hero. How did you give me a big one, yet managed so well for yourself independently?” asked Aneesha.
“In the end analysis, you have sex only with yourself, if you love yourself,” replied Shamiq.
“That’s so true, you are true only with yourself.”
“Yes. I can love myself only after I have been able to satisfy my love.”
“You strained yourself so much for me. No one can do what you did. Where did you get so much energy from?”
“I’m just flexible. The more flexible you are, the more positions you can assume to make your circumstances enjoyable.”
“What about the discomfort you went through doing that?
“It gets comfortable after a while and you can enjoy it.”
“Wow! To find comfort and enjoyment in discomfort is salvation.”
Aneesha’s phone rang. It was Harry.

To be continued…

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