S2E31: Harry Om

Recap: S2E30 – Salvation in Discomfort: Shamiq performs as a DJ at Aer bar. Aneesha joins in as a bar girl. It is early morning by the time they return to their hotel room. Always the giver, Shamiq delights Aneesha with his finger play. He explains how finding comfort in discomfort is salvation.

Harry called Arjun in Houston. He was relieved to hear that Arjun was busy soliciting business and Natasha sounded positive. He then called Aneesha. She was full of beans.

She told him about Shamiq and the things she had discovered about him. Harry passed his phone to Khush when Aneesha enquired about him.

Khush looked pleased as he ended the call. He was all praise for Shamiq and Harry agreed that Shamiq being a masochist, was a real giver. He took pains to give and enjoy at the same time. Harry wondered why masochist was unnecessarily considered derogatory.

Continuing with his train of thought, Harry asked himself why Indians, though talented, weren’t equally productive. Perhaps because they were arty, not crafty, he told himself. We are lazy and want to remain in our comfort zone. He broke into a poem.

Discomforts are temporary but comforts are addictive
Discomforts can be outgrown but comforts are restrictive
Life is a roller coaster ride that pushes you out of your comfort zone
You need to stay in control to prevent your brains from being blown
Accept life the way it is, you must make that effort
To deal with life is to find comfort in discomfort
Better be uncomfortable in comfort, there’s is no gain without pain
Enjoying discomfort is the salvation that comes with experience for your gain

Khush was listening keenly. “Enjoying discomforts is an impossibility. Can you do that?” he asked.

“We all can, if we motivate ourselves enough,” replied Harry.
“I have seen you lift heavy weights at the gym. Your expressions reveal the discomfort you go through, lifting them.”
“But do I enjoy it?”

“But, of course. Otherwise, you’d end up a pot-bellied couch potato. After a heavy workout, when you are completely exhausted, perspiring and drained, don’t you enjoy a hot shower and a hot meal?”

“Yes. And the omelettes after we’re exhausted from playing tennis.”

“As much as I enjoy stretching and deep-tissue massage. Comfort in discomfort!”

At that moment Harry’s phone rang. It was Anita. Harry told her that he was just thinking about stretching and deep-tissue massage.

“What are you waiting for?” asked Anita.
To be continued…

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