S2E32: Anita and Harry Again

Recap – S2E31 – Harry Om: Harry calls Arjun in Houston and is relieved to hear that he and Natasha are doing alright. He wonders why Indians aren’t productive despite being talented, and concludes that it is so because they prefer to remain in their comfort zone. Enjoying the discomfort is the key. Anita invites Harry for a massage.


Out of sheer habit when in the company of Khush, Harry had put the call on speaker.

“What are we waiting for?” asked Khush.

Harry looked at him and smiled. “Let’s all meet up with Swapna, Shamiq Aneesha and…”

Khush cut him short. ”Anita won’t come because Shamiq will be there, and Sanjib and Anu are busy doing up their house.”

“We’ll meet them some other time, but Anita is a nice girl, I’ll work on her.”

They left CCI immediately. Khush drove Harry to his house as usual and dropped him at the gate before taking a U-turn to his house in Cuffe Parade, just minutes away. Harry walked to his building. He looked up to see Anita eyeing him admiringly. His blood started to stir as he waved to her.

She opened the door and hugged him, but immediately pushed him away. ”Shit! You’re stinking.”

“You called and Khush and I had to skip our shower after an arduous game of tennis. Poor Khush. He has no one to hug him and push him away.”

They both started laughing and as Harry headed for the shower, she pulled him back.

“I have the right ingredients to get the stench off,” she said, twisting her nostrils with a smile.

Harry was tickled to see her in this mood and when she came forward to give him the special spray, he took it and with the other hand, pulled her stretchy to expose her bottoms.

She immediately pulled them up. “You’re getting young in your old age,”

”That’s hitting under the belt.”


”It’s like reminding a lady of her age; an old man is no different.”

”On the contrary, you are the youngest man in the group. No one comes close in reflexes and energy.”

Harry made a face and quietly lay down on a thick sheet spread on the carpet, after spraying his body with what smelt of alcohol. He was thoroughly enjoying the fuss, as she bent to wipe his body.

She was so good with stretching every limb in his body and the-deep tissue massage that followed that it turned him on. He pulled her down, stripped her and they combined like never before.

She was thoroughly exhausted and lying on her back, she dozed off. Lying next to her in his undies, he planned the rest of the Sunday with a sundowner.

She stirred and opened her eyes. ”Let’s have a shower together,” she said.

Harry moved his loving hands on her bare body. She loved it. Encouraged, he gave her a massage. He felt like a pro as he went about it systematically aping her. She was in seventh heaven. A deep-tissue massage followed by stretching exhausted Harry.

He realised the effort necessary to give a massage. His massage and stretching were quite intense and discomforting, yet enjoyable and comforting. He cherished the feel-good effect.

”Enough, I’m done!” she said when she could take it no more. “The best masseur can’t do what you’ve done for me; you are God-sent for me.”

He planted a kiss on her forehead. When you serve a person whose life is about serving others, you are serving God.

He lifted her from the floor and made his way to the shower.


To be continued…

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