S2E33: In the Shower

Recap: S2E32 – Anita and Harry Again: Harry drives back home to be welcomed by an admiring Anita. She gives him a deep-tissue massage. Harry reciprocates the deed before they head to the shower.
Under the shower, Harry and Anita had their bodies staring at each other. There was a feeling of intimacy and closeness Harry had not experienced with anyone other than his soulmate Swapna. These were probably the rewards for the sacrifices they had made to keep their attachment away. He dared not turn complacent as taking life for granted could shake up his faith.
“Where are you?” she said, looking down to see why his gaze was stuck on the droplets of water hitting the bathroom floor.
“I was lost in my thoughts, emerging from our closeness, which we cannot take for granted.”
“Why not?”
“Because you’re too good to be true; this is almost like fiction.”
“No, I’m real. Touch me,” she said, pulling his hand to her bust. She laughed to see him aroused.
“Let’s plan a sundowner today,” he suggested.
“Yes. Where?”
“At Gadda Da Vida”
“Oh yes! Beautiful view.”
“Let’s call everyone there, even Aneesha and Shamiq.”
“Why Shamiq?”
“He’s Khush’s brother-in-law and he’s not as you think; he’s a good man.”
Anita remained silent. She quickly shampooed and conditioned her hair, and soaped her body. Harry tried to keep the conversation going but Anita didn’t reciprocate. Harry cursed himself for ruining the paradise they were in.
Why would he do something this foolish? This was God’s way of saving them from another attachment, he realised, a smile appearing on his lips. It was all so true. Enjoy by all means, but do not get attached all over again. Not after learning a lesson the hard way. He could fall in this trap again. God was all about love, not attachment.
He did not even realise that Anita had stepped out of the bathroom, furious that he had not hugged and made up with her. Anita had become dependent on him but he was in no position to reciprocate. At this moment he was in bliss, connected with the life beyond!


To be continued…

Author: Tapan Ghosh
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