S2E38: A Change of Heart

Recap: S2E37 – Dance by the Bay: Harry, Swapna, Khush, Aneesha, Anita and Shamiq move to Harry’s apartment overlooking the bay to ring in the New Year. Shamiq and Anita join Harry and Swapna on the dance floor. Khush and Aneesha follow suit. A display of pyrotechnics lights up the sky at the stroke of midnight.
Shamiq whispered New Year greetings in Anita’s ears, their arms around each other and their spirits buoyant. Anita felt the sensation and responded likewise.

Their lips were a whispering distance from each other’s ear lobes. Anita turned her face and their lips made contact. Shamiq took in her lips and tongue.
The lights came on and Swapna greeted everyone. Anita excused herself and to everyone’s surprise, led Shamiq to her bedroom. Harry smiled, as if he had expected this radical change of heart.
Khush was relieved to have Aneesha back. They merrily held each other’s hand as they set off for Khush’s house. Harry was relieved to be with the love of his life.
What about Anita without Harry and Shamiq without Aneesha? Anita and Shamiq’s first encounter years ago had left a scar that was yet to heal. It was Anita’s first exposure to sex in her early teens and Shamiq’s first encounter with a woman.

“Why this change of heart? You called me a creep,” enquired Shamiq.
“You were a creep a decade ago and that’s how I know you,” replied Anita.
“And so?”
“You’ve changed a lot.”
“And so?”

Their expressions said it all. Before Shamiq could reply, Anita pulled him up close. He removed her top and went for her right lobe. Taking it fully in his mouth while pressing and massaging the left one. He moved the tip of his tongue to needle her nipple. This was the ultimate turn on for Anita who moaned with ecstasy.
He moved on to the other one before going down to eat out the pussy. Their pleasure peaked. He pierced his hard-on and she screamed with pleasure. Shamiq rose to his greatness, realising that he could perform only if he gave it all. He was a giver in the truest sense of the word.

To be continued…

Author: Tapan Ghosh
Film maker, writer, thinker, rolled into one The creative me is a lot of fun. What you see here are my expressions true I hope they strike a chord within you.


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