S2E40: Worli-Bandra Sea Link

Recap: S2E39 – 01.01.2020: Harry woke up late on New Year’s Day. Swapna offered him an orange juice. Since everyone else too had woken up late, the plan for brunch at Anu’s place was changed to dinner. Swapna arranged for the gift from the group for Anu and Sanjib’s new house. Shamiq and Anita went for a couple massage while the others dozed off in the afternoon.

The couple massage was sensual. It acted as a catalyst for lovemaking. Shamiq discovered his physical abilities to be a giver in the real sense of the word. He performed his penance by satisfying the person he had failed, years earlier. He went all out. Although a prolonged one-sided excruciation, he being a masochist, enjoyed the process. Going down on a woman, especially someone as young and robust as Anita, lead to an explosive reaction between her fluid and his saliva.

The ultimate pleasure of culmination on her face confirmed that he was indeed serving his goddess. The very thought gave him a hard-on. He immersed into her like a knife in a cake, resulting in a volcanic peak for both, one after the other. He felt as though his goddess was helping him attain salvation. Anita too was utterly exhausted. She hugged him tightly and took a catnap.

By the time they were through with the Jacuzzi steam and shower, it was quite late, and they needed a change of wear for Anu and Sanjib’s party. They rushed to the Palladium mall where Anita picked up a high-split surplice velvet cami dress at the AND store, and Shamiq purchased a trendy shirt and a pair of trousers with a waistcoat to go with it.

When they reached Anu’s place, everyone else was already there and the congratulatory buzz for the housewarming was over. Anu and Sanjib thanked the guests for the three-seater couch. The way it had been arranged in the room with a beautiful view of the Worli-Bandra Sea Link as the backdrop, was aesthetically pleasing.

They all went gaga over Anita’s elegance in her trendy gown. When they all settled down, there were no takers for the alcoholic drinks as they had all had more than their fill the previous evening. Everything was going smoothly, thought Anu, but Sanjib felt something was amiss. He needed a mood-enhancer.

As if reading his thoughts, Harry said, “To relieve our minds of the pressures of life or to seek altered consciousness, we use external influences such as a counsellor or an intoxicant.”

“Right! A stimulant. Should we smoke up?” asked Sanjib.

“We had too many downers yesterday, today we go for the uppers,” he said.

“Cannabis is nature’s mildest herb, a mind changer. How to make it work for us without getting addicted to it, is up to us. Ironic that addictions such as alcohol and tobacco that have nothing beneficial are legal to sell and consume,” said Harry.

“What about tea and coffee?” asked Swapna.

“Mild stimulants and therefore, addictive,” replied Harry.

“What about Coke?” asked Anita.

“That’s a difficult one to answer, as in the year 1929 Coca-Cola drink became cocaine-free. But I don’t know what they’ve done to make Coke addictive,” answered Harry.

Much to Anu’s surprise, Sanjib fished out some joints he had rolled himself. Sanjib said that it was legal in the place where he’d come from, and his boss had gotten him into the habit to create abstracts used for conducting experiments to innovate products. Anu herself did not go beyond the occasional glass of wine.

Shamiq had quietly slipped out to the balcony to admire the sea link. He had graduated to snorting coke. Aneesha noticed it as her eyes followed him all evening. Anita rose suddenly and made her way to the balcony, with everyone’s eyes following her.


To be continued…

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