S2E45: My Harry

Recap: S2E44 – My Swapna: Harry and Swapna go their separate ways after meeting in a café. He is a married man and a struggler, while she is a millionaire’s daughter and only twenty years old. He reasons that they must not be dependent on each other as it would degrade their love to the level of an attachment. They would live a guilt-free life and protect her dad from dying of heart failure if he came to know about them being together. It is not a breakup, since breakups happen only in an attachment, not in love.

Swapna was still in a state of shock. A week had gone by; the doctors had no answer and no one was allowed to visit. She was angry with herself for letting Harry go back alone. She realised that it was not possible for her to survive without him. Did that mean attachment couldn’t be conquered? Love and attachment couldn’t be separated and detached attachment was only in theory, not in practise? They had struggled for years for the sake of their love and the end-result had been so jarring.

Her thoughts went back to the day they had broken up. He had broken up for her and she had grudged it. She could have put her foot down and not allowed the breakup to happen. They would have defied the world and eloped. She cursed herself for harbouring such thoughts. She felt dizzy as she stood up to answer Natasha calling from Houston. Still not in the right frame of mind, she heard Natasha rattling away without grasping a word.

When Anu and Sanjib came over, she was incoherent. Khush was struggling to get the doctors to allow a visit, but the request was turned down. He was told that there was very little hope. Not wanting to cause further grief to Swapna, he kept the news to himself. Anita cursed herself for not being with Harry on the day of his fall. Unlike others, Aneesha was hopeful. She told Khush not to lose heart; nothing could happen to a man like Harry.

Then one day as Swapna woke up feeling weak from lack of sleep, she saw Harry, as if speaking to her. It was a daydream that left a deep imprint. She felt an uncontrollable urge to be with him. Every bit of her longed for him. He was hers forever. She was going to be his, look after him, and be with him all the time. With that resolve, her spirits soared. She got up, energy returning to her being.


To be continued…

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