SEASON 2 – Two Cities of Joy


With the departure of Shom and Raima from the scene, a chapter closes. But hang on, a new season follows. This time, from the perspective of Harry.

Harry was born in Calcutta in August 1946, a year before independence, when Calcutta was the second best city in the world after London. The City of Joy, as Calcutta was popularly known, has turned into a city of grief today. Harry shifted his base to Bombay and set up factories on the Maharashtra-Gujarat border, in Silvassa and in Ankleshwar. But Calcutta was never far from his heart. He never let go of his dream to return to his place of birth, also the birthplace of the engineering industry in India. Nor of his desire to see Calcutta regain its position among the leading cities of the world.

While that comes to pass, Harry has come a long way in life. A self-confessed flirt, he has seen it all right from his early days in Calcutta to the present in upper crust SoBo. From his sea-facing penthouse in Colaba, Harry has been witness to the high jinks of the rich, the beautiful, the ambitious and the intelligent. And of those who seek love beyond the confines of age, gender, class, society and life itself.

Here’s a precursor to Season 2, which opens next week. See you here coming Thursday!

The Golden Mean for Every Man:

There is a woman behind every successful man

The woman is the heart and soul of every plan

Every warrior is empowered by his lady love

She is always within him, hand in glove

Ganapati is empowered by not just one woman, but two

For activating His mind, and refurbishing His soul too

This is why most men end up with a beloved and a wife

This is the golden mean we seek in life

Gharwali aur baharwali is the term used for the pair

But we dare not speak it, lest it lead to despair

Most men don’t survive this conflict, it is tough to deal even with one

Where is the question of maintaining two and always be on the run?

Some get away as victims of a midlife crisis

Others want to know how Gajanand handles this

We merely followed what we learnt from our Gods

Where did we go wrong, why are we at such odds?

Please tell us, O Ganesha, please help us out

To untangle this web, tell us how do we go about?

How do You manage to have fame and prosperity?

And strike a balance with faith and spirituality

There’s no alternative but to subsume yourself, He says

Suppress your ego and identity, the only way out of this maze

This is by no means possible unless you die for your love in the process

To detach yourself from the two, just live for your love in nothingness

Author: Tapan Ghosh
Film maker, writer, thinker, rolled into one The creative me is a lot of fun. What you see here are my expressions true I hope they strike a chord within you.


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