S1E48: Arjun Entertains Natasha

Recap S1E47 An Encounter at Dum Dum :

Rabindra, Anuradha, Arjun and Natasha emerge from the airport terminal and run into Rathin Nandi’s father Dipankar accompanied by five hoodlums, ready to attack his daughter-in-law Anuradha for putting his son behind bars.

Arjun tackles one of the hoodlums before the police arrives and arrests them. Sanjib had seen them earlier and tipped off the police.

Rabindra takes a liking to Sanjib and asks him to come along home with them. Anuradha is glad that her father has accepted the man she loves.

Sanjib excuses himself to go to the police station and Arjun sees him off to a cab.

Arjun took Natasha to his dad’s villa in Salt Lake City, with a view of the lake. It had spacious, old-fashioned and tastefully done interiors. She loved the place. Being all by themselves, Arjun cautioned Natasha against getting too familiar with him. He showed her the bedroom and instructed Ramu, the cook, to take her luggage there. Then he led her to the veranda which overlooked the garden. The air felt fresh and the view was stunning.

“Here we have all the privacy we need. My dad wanted this place to be as close to nature as possible, and for its residents to be as free as animals.”

“You mean, nude?”

“Exactly! Yet, right in the middle of habitation.”

“How is that possible?”

“I will tell you, but first I need to know if you really are a lesbian. I have been noticing you hitting on me. I can oblige you.”

“Babe, are you as solid as a dildo?”

“Some have managed to get me there.”

Natasha couldn’t resist pinching his bottom. Taking that as a cue, Arjun led her to the centre of the well-maintained garden. They came upon a mirrored glass structure, cylindrical in shape but completely opaque. The interiors were not visible.

“Oh my God,” said Natasha, “where did this glasshouse come from? I thought it was a patch of garden with trees.”

“It is camouflaged because what you see is just the reflection of the surroundings.”

When they entered the glasshouse, they could see everything around, even Ramu working in the kitchen. Natasha was fascinated but felt awkward about being completely exposed. Arjun had to do some monkeying around to prove the point. He went half Monty, making obscene signs at the gardener who was right in his face outside. Natasha was astonished to see a complete lack of reaction on the gardener’s part. Before she knew it, Arjun had planted his lips on hers. He unzipped her dress and her breasts burst free. She moaned as he caressed her buttocks.


“The gardener likes your shapely buttocks,” teased Arjun.

“You are such a wicked man, why are you scaring me when it’s a one-sided glass?”

Natasha grabbed Arjun’s tool and put it inside her, as if it was a dildo. They fell back, she on top of him. She moaned and he turned rock hard. Later, completely exhausted, they rested on an especially-made sturdy water bed, which was comfortable to lie on.

“I want one-sided glass for my bathroom door at home,” said Natasha.

Arjun burst out laughing. “Don’t mention this to anyone, they will make a laughing stock of you.”

“Why? You just showed me that it really works. The gardener didn’t see us at all.”

“That’s true. But because he is blind.”

Natasha lost her cool. What a bloody swine, she thought. She ran after him. It was quite a sight to see two beautiful bodies, completely naked, running all over the glasshouse. Arjun stopped to play some music from his dad’s collection. It was I want to break free by Freddy Mercury.

Natasha swung to the beats and locked him in a seductive grip. Arjun enjoyed attempting to wriggle out. It was quite a struggle. This went on till they gave up. Arjun got a chilled bottle of Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut, which Natasha could not resist.

“You laid me right in the open,” she remarked, taking a large swig of champagne, “and Ramu has been watching us all along.”

“Not at all,” said Arjun, “you cannot see inside unless you are very close like the gardener was.”

“You are just contradicting yourself. How can I believe you?”

Arjun explained. “It’s a one-way mirror, not glass. The reflective coating is very thin and scattered. The reflective molecules coat the glass so sparsely that it becomes a glass from the inside and a mirror from the outside. Only about half the molecules needed to make the glass an opaque mirror, are applied. It’s a half-way mirror from close and fully opaque mirror from far.”

“Are you sure?”

“Step out and watch me doing the tandav dance inside.”

Natasha went out and realised that from a distance she could only see reflections. As she drew closer, she could see the refraction of the inside. Standing right outside, she could see everything as clear as glass.

“You are a sexy man,” said Natasha.

He smiled and kissed her.


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