S1E49: Harry Reflects on Life

Recap S1E48 Arjun Entertains Natasha :

Arjun brings Natasha to his dad’s villa in Salt Lake City. He shows her a glasshouse which is not visible from the outside. Things hot up for the two of them and Natasha reveals that she is not strictly lesbian. Natasha is sceptical about the one-way mirror of the glasshouse until Arjun explains how it works. More passion follows.

Harry stood in the balcony of his apartment on the 26th floor, gazing down at the neap tides below him. The night was still with not a hint of a breeze. He dragged deep on his joint. At peace with the world, his thoughts ran free, going back and forth from his yesterdays to the present day and occasionally to the great beyond. Always an adventure seeker, he reflected on the more exciting ones he had experienced.

A loud hoot from one of the cruise ships in the harbour startled him. The joint slipped out of his fingers. He followed the trajectory of the tiny glow as the joint shot like a projectile before disappearing in the darkness of the night. Life was like that – going with the flow.

The shrill ring of the phone diverted his attention. It was Swapna. She wanted to know what he was doing all alone in the house without Raima.

Busy with the international conference in Jaipur, Raima had just shifted back to her own two-bedroom flat in Worli. After her mother’s demise she had converted her mother’s bedroom into a study cum office. And now that her uncle Rathin Nandi was in jail, she had no reason to stay away from her house. She was now truly on her own with pitamaha busy planning a new life for her pisima Anuradha.

Harry was enjoying his own company for a change, reminiscing about his days in Calcutta, the city of his birth and schooling. He now had an office and a lovely villa there.

“When did you comeback from Poona?” he asked.

“Just a while ago,” replied Swapna and continued, “Are you coming over or should I?”

“It’s too late, don’t tire yourself, you have had a long day. I will come over and be by your side when you wake up in the morning. We will spend the entire day together, I promise,” he assured her.

“I am thinking about Natasha in Calcutta. She is prone to mischief and can make poor Arjun’s life miserable.”

“I will soon be going to Calcutta for work, why don’t you come along?”

“You will be able to control her much better without me. She doesn’t heed my advice. As both, mother and father to her, I was strict during her growing up years. She is getting even with me now.”

“Okay,” he said, “Now please go to sleep. Imagine I am in bed with you and we are hugging each other tightly under the comforter and…”


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