S1E55: Aneesha’s Transformation

Recap S1E54 Natasha Loses Her Cool :

Harry is met by Arjun and Natasha at Calcutta airport. Natasha is upset that Harry is ignoring her. She feels that he only cares for Raima, not her. Harry tells her that Swapna has been worried for her.

Arjun changes the subject by telling Harry about an ad film they have been signed up for. They need Harry to play the dad to Arjun, the son in the film. Harry speaks with Swapna who convinces Harry to do the film.

The shoot at Park Circus goes well. Harry is pleased with the result. In the meantime, Arjun prepares for Harry and his presentation to Haldia Refinery.

“Hey, Khush,” said Shom as Khush and he crossed each other in the Wink bar lounge at the Taj President.

“You’re so much into Anita that you don’t stop to say hello,” replied Khush.

“Where have you been? And how long is Harry going to be in Calcutta?” asked Shom as both settled down across each other at their favourite table. Their drinks were served soon.

“I have been wanting to meet him too; there’s a lot happening with me. You remember Aneesha?” 

“How can I forget?” I met her when you and Raima went missing and I went to Zenzi in Bandra looking for you.” 

“I looked for her but she simply vanished into thin air.”

“That’s because you ditched her for being a shemale.” 

“I got a shock when Aneesha told me about being one. We were getting intimate when she mentioned this. I couldn’t handle it and immediately backed off. Later, when I got over it and wanted to make up, I was summoned by the investigation team as a witness in the Saif Hussain case, as was Raima. Things started developing between us but Aneesha was always at the back of my mind. And now, she is the only one I can go to,” said Khush, his face brightening up.

Shom had never seen Khush like that; he looked as if he had fallen in love. This was difficult to believe, given his aversion for the subject. Shom prodded him to continue.

“Aneesha has undergone an operation and now has a pair of lips down under too.” 

“I don’t understand.”

“Aneesha is not a shemale anymore, she’s a full-fledged female!” 


“How I wish I was with her all through her turmoil! She’s been in Bombay since the time the court ruled in favour of the LGBT community. I had no idea how to contact her and Zenzi, the bar where we met, had closed down.”

“So how did you eventually meet her?” 

“While you were busy with Anita and Harry was supporting Raima and her family, my brother-in-law Saamiq invited me to an LGBT celebration at the Aer bar where he was deejaying. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I made eye contact with someone looking at me swaying to the beats. It was Aneesha! She ran into my arms and hugged me tightly. Before we knew it, we were kissing passionately. There was a lot of catching up to do and she told me all that had happened in her life after our first meeting at Zenzi.”

“Such as?”

“All along she had hoped against hope that I would find her someday. More so, after you met her. When that did not happen, she fell into a depression. Then, one day, she came to terms with herself and got her penis removed. It wasn’t easy for her; for long she had believed that she had no business to tamper with nature.”

“Having taken that decision, she went to Thailand for the surgery. The surgeon there told her there wasn’t much to be done in her case. With Asians, including Indians, you can’t tell the difference as shemales have already mastered the art of converting from male to female. In comparison, shemales in the West need a lot of work to be done on them. Aneesha had a perfectly pretty woman’s face without an Adam’s apple. If I could not tell the difference when I first met her, who could?”

“The hormone replacement therapy was done but breast augmentation was not needed. She had the most-shapely breast. No facial feminisation surgery was needed either. They only had to open up the scrotum, remove the testicles and remove the head of the penis to create a clitoris. The shaft and the scrotum was used to create the labia and vaginal canal that would allow her to have a perfectly healthy sex life.” 

“Wait a minute! How do you know such intimate details about her?”

“We have been living together for the past 46 days. Today she has gone to Poona for a week with her friend to attend a wedding.” 

“Where have you been living together?”

“I just told you we first met at the Aer Bar Four Seasons and I was lucky to get a room there right away. This has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thereafter we’ve been meeting at her studio apartment in Bandra her favourite place.”

 “Lucky guy! Will you tell me all that has transpired?”

“There’s nothing we have hidden from each other, so why this? But let me warn you. This will blow your brains off. Oh, how I wish Harry was here to pat me on my back!” said Khush, signalling the waiter for a refill.

They looked at each other. Shom had no idea what was coming next.

Khush continued. “I was eager to know what was at stake, as was Aneesha. She told me that she was a virgin. The doctor had told her to refrain from sex for two weeks after the surgery. But she was in such doubt that she restrained herself for two months despite the urge. Being with me, her dream lover, she felt like a virgin bride with a novice groom on their wedding night. Not knowing what to do or what to expect.” 

“As we entered the hotel rooftop suite with a view of the sea, we dared not open windows lest we fly off in the breeze. I put my palm on her cheeks and slid it down to her neck to her shapely breast. Unbuttoning her flowing dress, I discovered the beauty within. It left me wondering why beauty is concealed.”

“Seeing me lost in thought, she asked whether anything was wrong. I replied by pressing her body against mine. She loved that and I was ready for her but she wasn’t yet. She wanted me to go for her posterior, as she is sensitive there. I decided to arouse her vagina. She was not only a virgin but a new-born too. Her lips down below looked awesome. I have seen many over the years and each is as unique as a fingerprint.” 

“Women are lucky to have two pairs of lips: one, exposed, and the other far more sensitive and pure. It has several contours and layers of sensitive hot spots. Aneesha responded with a soft moan. This encouraged me to continue my exploration. My tongue parted the clitoral hood and her expressions got me charged up.”

“Her legs were folded and parted, I placed two pillows under her buttocks to allow myself the comfort of placing my mouth on her vagina. I made love to it by kissing every part of her lips and around it, while watching her reactions. Then I kissed the clitoral hood downwards and explored the area between the vaginal opening and the anus. She was more sensitive around the anus. This is natural for a shemale.”

“I went about my mission of activating the vagina. My tongue again parted the hood to enter the clitoris – the most sensitive part of the female body. This time she responded with a louder moan that rose with my passionate sucking. My tongue travelled inside the vaginal opening after I carefully separated the labia to feel her hymen. She was a virgin indeed. I could see the beauty as she had removed all her pubic hair.”

“In her excitement, she came forward to take me in, though it was a bit early. I reached out for a moisturiser and slowly massaged her. To give her the heightened sensation she deserved, I lubricated her rectum and massaged its front wall with my index finger to induce sensitivity on the back wall of the vagina.”

“Working in this fashion got me all charged up. By now, she wanted in badly from her rear. I fished out a condom and got down to work. She screamed with pleasure and I ensured that I rubbed the back tissue of the vagina to increase its sensitivity and heighten her pleasure. After a while I withdrew, removed the condom and used the moisturiser to enter her vagina. It was quick and smooth and the climax was awesome. It had a long wait but all’s well that ends well.”


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