S1E11 – A Flirt or A Love Guru?


Recap [S1E10] Godfather or Love Guru Harry, Raima, Shom, Khush, Swapna and Natasha are together again. Raima and Shom feel that the other has changed in recent times. Harry steps in as a love guru and analyses the situation correctly. He feels that true love only matures with time. Only the outward behaviour changes according to the situation. That happens because the purity of the heart has to often yield to social norms. The love guru suggests that the best way forward is to balance the two. Only then can bliss be attained, he says.


“First answer my question,” said Raima, as she pulled Harry away from Swapna.

It was like Raima pulling away her dad from her mom, she thought. She realised that they were almost behaving like husband and wife, or worse! The living together types. Khush observed the proceedings keenly. He was keeping tabs on Swapna, how gracefully she was projecting her curvaceous body. She carried herself with great dignity. Her lips had character. Firm and desirable! She certainly was the right choice for Harry. They would make a perfect match, he thought.

Raima was in a pensive mood. Why would she object to Harry and Swapna being together, she wondered? Was she jealous? She did not want anyone to come between Harry and her. Was that the reason? She loved Swapna as she would her mother, and was indebted to her for all that she had done to bring her up as an elder sister to her only daughter Natasha.

Did Swapna guess that there was an unusual relationship between her daughters? Was Natasha’s behaviour obvious when she had pressed into her so hard? Or had Khush made it obvious by pulling her away? What if Swapna got to know? Would she be horrified? But wasn’t she as broad-minded as Harry? After all, Swapna was quite adventurous herself. Her affairs were no longer unknown to her daughters.

Raima was so immersed in her thoughts that she tripped when Harry pulled back his hand. She managed to stabilise herself in the nick of time, supporting herself on Harry’s shoulder.

“It must have been the pot, you’re getting the buzz alright,” said Harry shaking her out of her thoughts.

“Where are you taking me?” he asked, as Raima led him more than halfway through the hall with Swapna in tow. They made a great spectacle of themselves. The others were keenly observing and participating in their own way to give it a bigger high.

“Swapna and I were discussing something important about her business not being what it used to and…” continued Harry.

“It’s always important with her, but I am not important enough for you,” interrupted Raima.

Harry laughed aloud, as did Swapna as she came closer and leaned on Harry, who lovingly put his left arm around her, covering her half-exposed bosom. Swapna rested her head on his broad chest and Harry caressed her cheek with his palm.

Raima raised her eyebrows questioningly and wanted to say something. She hesitated a bit blurting out, “Are you guys involved with each other?”

“Not at all,” said Harry, “that’s the last thing we have on our minds.”

Swapna looked amused and she raised her head to look at Harry lovingly as he continued.

“Involvement? Never, not at my age,” said Harry.

Natasha tried to pull Raima away but Raima stood there to counter Harry. Shom and Khush were standing close by. All of them wondered what Harry would say next to defend his statement. It was apparent what he and Swapna had been up to, during Holi and after. Harry was not the lying kind. Why would he say something contrary to what had seemed to be an intense affair? They all wanted to know. Harry was amused by their questioning looks.

He smiled as he continued, “Involvement is not for me, not for Swapna either. We have experienced a lot of life and are now quite carefree, relaxed and without involvement of any kind. Involvement lies at the root of all misery. The only way out is to flirt with life.”

Raima shifted uneasily before she uttered, “You are a flirt, Harry.” Everyone thought likewise.

“Sure, I am a flirt,” answered Harry. “Why not? What’s wrong with it? We are much better off flirting as it is causeless.

“I will drink to that,” said Swapna, raising her glass. That was her third drink.

She smacked a quick kiss on Harry’s lips.

Everyone was stoned. They all had a lot to say but not Swapna. She was tipsy. She held Raima by her hand and shook her up to find out what was going on with her. Raima looked concerned but she changed her track. Being stoned, the love and respect for Swapna poured out.

“What was your question?” asked Swapna.

Raima was blank. “Did you not say ‘first answer my question’ as you dragged Harry out? What was your question?” she asked repeatedly.

Shom came to Raima’s rescue. He hugged her lovingly and Raima kissed him. “You know the question you asked was about Harry’s poem,” he said.

“Yes,” she said and addressed Harry. “How would you balance the two; the heart and the mind?”

Everyone wanted to know the answer.

Harry got into his usual mood.

“Nice of you to ask me that question,” he said to Raima, as he lovingly patted her cheeks. “Balancing your heart and mind is only possible if you are true to yourself first. Then you face the reality of life. That calls for you to compromise. Both, the inner you and the worldly you need to coexist. Being faceless is the only way out.”

He then broke into a poem.

Only when you are truly in love, is your love for eternity

Only when you trust a soul, will it consider you trustworthy

Only when you both open up, will you be open to purity

Because baring your inner self is a sign of maturity

True love is forever, for relationships there is no guarantee

Only when you are truly in love, is your love for eternity

Raima was so charged with emotion that she hugged Harry with all her purity. With tears rolling down her eyes, she said, “Harry, you are not a flirt. You are the best love guru I have come across.”


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