S1E9 – Harry, The Love Guru


Recap [S1E8] Raima’s Justice : Raima has just got an influential builder convicted for attempted rape. Her determination comes from a traumatic childhood incident when she had been sexually assaulted by her uncle. Saving her dress as evidence, she had forced her uncle to mend his ways in return for silence.


Harry was captivated and moved by Raima’s story. He shifted closer to her on the couch and lovingly placed his hand on her head. She hugged him and gave into her emotions for a few moments. She then collected herself, wiped her moist eyes and turned to look at him to prove that she was worthy of being his daughter. Harry smiled. She smiled back and winked.

Harry laughed and kept looking at her in disbelief. He couldn’t imagine a fourteen-year old handling her rapist as she did with complete sanity. A fatherless child with a mother permanently bedridden mother since she was just three years of age, Harry was proud of her as a survivor against severe odds.

Raima shifted back to her position closer to Harry, who continued to gently caress her head. She found solace and the love of a father that she had always longed for. Harry’s mind was busy analysing the incident and admiring every move she made, including the one where she got the better of the rapist. She was street smart indeed and that too, at a very young age.

Both, Shom and Raima, had Harry as their friend, mentor and guru. They had complete faith in his wisdom and judgment. Harry was the only person Shom respected after his dad’s demise. Shom’s dearest friend Khush knew Raima before the time he encountered her on Facebook. He set his eyes on her for the first time at Nalanda book store at the Taj, where they had planned to meet.

The adventurous life Raima led, made her an expert in understanding the opposite sex. But no amount of worldly experience was going help in the entanglement of love she had with Shom.

Raima would often drop by at Harry’s house as she still had assignments in Bombay and, so far, no income in Calcutta. More so, as it was close to Shom’s place. Now that Shom’s house was out of bounds for her, she was inclined to visit Harry more frequently than before. This time, however, there was a specific purpose. She wanted Harry’s advice on her relationship with Shom, the love of her life.

He was a married man with two grown up kids. She was reeling under pressure of her grandparents who were anxious to get her married. Harry was well aware of this as also of the fact that both of them had promised each other to abide by the ways of the world and keep their relationship under wraps. They were too much in love to give in to family pressure.

Harry: I know it’s not easy to make that sacrifice and so you just want to have your cake and eat it too.

Raima: What do I do? I’m in a fix, I’m going to put off marriage as much as I can and finally chose someone who gives me all the freedom I want.

Harry: You want to play hide-and-seek all your life?

Raima: Why not? The way Shom does by remaining faceless, the only way out.

Harry: It seems that you have all the answers.

Raima: No I don’t, I am really very confused. I’m stressed all the time and I cannot think straight. Please tell me what to do.

Harry: Keep yourself occupied, do something creative. Work for a good cause. Do exactly what you have been doing. When you’re in Calcutta, look after your grandparents and make a difference to their lives. Make yourself feel wanted there. Keep them away from the family gossip to reduce their anxiety about their responsibilities. Meet eligible bachelors. Make friends. Start your own business.

Raima: Thank you. Will you visit me when I’m in Calcutta?

Harry: I will. Just be in a positive frame of mind and everything else will follow.

Raima: What about Shom? I am going to continue my clandestine meetings with him.

She looked at him with a big question mark on her face. Harry smiled at her.

Harry: Reduce that drastically, give him and yourself a long rope. Meet boys of your age and…

She cut him short by getting up and going away to another room, the best in the house. She spent time in that room whenever she visited Harry. No one else used it. Harry was touched. He looked out from his balcony at the vast expanse of the sky and the sea.

Reflecting on Shom and Raima, he started to recite some lines on the unusual nature of their relationship.

Ik umr chahiye jazba-e-ishq ko jaanne ke liye
Milti nahin sabko nazar isse pehchaane ke liye

Rasta chhootay, manzil ka pataa khone lage
Pyaar ke imtihaan aise ke khud pe shaq hone lage

Mazboot iraada chahiye haqeeqat maan ne ke liye
Milti nahin sabko nazar isse pehchaane ke liye

Jitni badhengi duniyadaari ki mushkilein
Utni door ho jayengi mohabbat ki manzilein 

Nek dil chahiye is baat ko jaanne ke liye
Milti nahin sabko nazar isse pehchaane ke liye


To understand love, it takes a lifetime
Not everyone is blessed with this gift divine

Path and destination, both go astray
Love tests the confidence of those who travel its way

Love calls for passion to worship at its shrine
Not everyone is blessed with this gift divine

 In worldly ways, as one gets trapped
The ties of love are often snapped

A pure heart is needed to recognise this sign
Not everyone is blessed with this gift divine


Raima was rushing out of the bedroom when she heard Harry recite the poem. She stopped in her tracks, taking in every word. Harry was looking out of the window, his back to her. He turned around, sensing that Raima was around.

Raima: What a sublime message for all lovers. Was it directed at me?

Harry nodded and Raima went up to hug him. He reciprocated with a kiss on her forehead. She gushed in joy!

Raima: My dearest love Guru!

Just then the landline started to ring and Raima quickly picked up the phone. Shom was on the line with Khush, Natasha and Swapna.



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