S1E24: Shom with Khush


Recap S1E23 Shom and Raima on the BeachShom is keen to know about the Saif chapter in Raima’s life. She tells him that Saif was a reclusive person who could not bring himself to make the initial moves to woo her. Being extra sensitive, he was apprehensive about being rejected.

Their relationship took off after a meeting at Taj Lands End. However, it was not destined to last. There was something about Saif that bothered Raima. An inner voice told her that he was not meant for her.


Year 2018:

“Holy shit? What did you do?” Shom was curious to know.

Raima watched Shom’s reaction and replied, “I overheard him on the phone when he thought I had left for the day; he said something jarring in a manner and language you would only hear hard-core criminals speak in Bollywood movies. Something he said about demolishing a structure. This was against national interest and so I rushed to Khush, who has all the connections and we got him put behind bars.”

As Shom’s expressions turned grave, she said, “I was the witness but this was much before we met.” She sounded completely drained and Shom kept his worries to himself, thinking this certainly wasn’t the last of it.

Lost in his thoughts, he braked suddenly as he realised they had almost crossed Harry’s factory. As they proceeded up the driveway, they saw Harry and Khush waving him to the parking lot.

Raima ran out of the car to hug Harry.

“You have never brought me to this beautiful place,” she said, looking at the hills surrounding the vast expanse of the factory enclosed by rain trees. Breathing deeply with immense joy on her face, she broke out, “What a breath-taking view.”

All the men were spellbound looking at Raima. She pulled Harry aside and said, “Please show me around the place.” Harry called for the helmets and off they went.

Khush informed Shom that he was buying the adjacent plot land to increase capacity. Shom wanted to know about Saif Hussein and the repercussions of him escaping from prison. Khush reassured Shom that Tihar being a heavily fortified prison, the possibility of a jailbreak could be ruled out.

They reminisced about the old days and how Shom had broken down ten years ago when Raima and Khush had been called for questioning. He related the entire story of the past when he had found out that Khush and Raima had eloped in his Land Yacht. Hearing the driver say that ‘saab’ and ‘memsaab’ were together had been so shocking that he had passed out and fallen flat on the floor.


Year 2009:

Shom heaved himself off the floor. He felt awful about losing consciousness. He was a strong-minded man and was determined to get to the bottom of the situation. All he needed was soul-searching and positive thinking. The answers would inevitably present themselves.

The answers to our questions are all there in our mind, he thought, but we choose not to notice them. The trouble is, we don’t know what to look for unless we have a problem.

He rolled the question in his mind and smiled. A strong-minded man like him thrived on his problems. He felt like laughing at himself for what had happened to him a while ago. The answers he couldn’t find before were suddenly all there. They were simple. He could not be attached to anyone. He had to love without being bound. True love was not about being possessive. It was about loving unconditionally, regardless of the situation.

Shom needed some time alone to contemplate his predicament. He decided to temporarily cut contact with the world until he was in a positive frame of mind to truly accept life as it came. Now that both Khush and Raima were safe and sound, he put his phones on silent. His family was under the impression that he had gone to his branch office in Calcutta.

Khush was right again, Shom thought. He had no right to have any close ties or craving for anything or anyone in life. He had to focus on enjoying every moment as it came and not grudge Raima, Khush or anyone for that matter. Besides, why did Raima or Khush come into his life? These relationships were lessons for personal growth. It was pointless to grudge situations that went against our will. Looking at things positively would make us realise that everything happened for a cause and for our own good. The sooner we realised this, the better it would be for us.

Happiness and sorrow, good times and bad times. Could we really differentiate between these worldly twists? If we could see through them, we would realise that they were the one and the same thing. In life, we had only two enemies; attachment and ego. Both were within us and very much in our control, provided we understood and accepted ourselves.

If he claimed to love Raima, Shom pondered, he must only think of her well-being. Her involvement with a married man twice her age was not in her interest. These should be the thoughts of a man truly in love. Raima and Khush – both the people he loved – had been chosen by nature to help his cause. His love for Raima had to be unconditional. He had to learn to love without being possessive.

Then his thoughts went to Khush. There was so much to learn from Khush’s nature. He wondered how Khush would handle a situation like his.

Shom stretched back on the sofa. He felt lighter and more relaxed now. He lit a joint and began humming a song from his younger days. That night, he felt at peace and slept well.

In the morning, he was woken up by the continuous ringing of the doorbell. When he opened the door, Khush and Raima barged in. Shom was calm and prepared. He met them like long-lost friends. They looked worried and frazzled.

“Why didn’t you answer any of our calls?” Khush asked, slightly louder than he intended to.

“Sorry Khush. I kept both my phones on silent mode as I didn’t want to be woken up early.”

Shom could see they seemed unnerved by his composure. The look on Raima’s face told him that she knew there was a lot going on in his mind. He decided not to react or ask any questions. In fact, he didn’t even need to. Even though nothing had transpired between Khush and Raima, they both felt guilty about keeping Shom in the dark. They couldn’t bear the awkward silence that hung between them and without further delay, they began explaining why they were together the past few days.

Shom listened to them as a film director would listen to a script. He appeared totally detached although he was overjoyed to find out that Raima was still very much his. He made sure not to show it. Khush was impressed with Shom’s emotional strength.

“Shom, you lucky bastard,” he said, taking him aside. He then repeatedly emphasised that Raima was a genuine soul and was in fact, head over heels in love with him.

“Do you grudge me that?” asked Shom.

“No,” said Khush. “I just wanted to tell you that I was wrong and I am happy for you now.”



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