S1E27: Shom’s Spends the Night at Raima’s Place


Recap S1E26 Raima’s Grief : Shom found himself in a catch-22 situation. He felt deeply drawn towards Raima, yet was angry with himself for getting into an emotional mess.

Seeing Raima in a car with a much older man didn’t help matter either. He called her right away and met up with her. The man turned out to be an uncle seeking her help.

Calling Khush to cover up for him while he was with Raima, Shom discovered that Raima had been with Khush in the past. Khush further cautioned him against revealing too much of himself to Raima.

Angry with Raima and accusing her of being a professional escort, Shom made her sign an agreement to ensure that he was never exposed to blackmail on her part.


Year 2018:

“Basu is after my blood,” said Raima, reading the WhatsApp on her mobile.

“Who’s Basu?” asked Shom.

“My lecherous uncle, the scoundrel! He knows about us and is threatening to tell my grandpa,” said Raima in a jittery voice.

Shom bent forward to read the text that had got Raima worked up. “How does he know about us?” asked Shom. “He’s never met me.”

“He says he’s seen us together the day you spotted him and me in my car. You called me to Don Giovanni restaurant at Worli and we spent the night at my house.”

Year 2009:

Raima lived in a comfortable apartment complete with all modern amenities. It was on the tenth floor of a newly-constructed twenty-storey building at Worli. Real estate prices in this part of Mumbai had shot up and her apartment was valued at around Rs 4 crore. She had paid Rs 1.20 crore for it when the building was under construction three years earlier. It was a good deal she had managed for herself while interning with the property developer. The downpayment had come from her father’s old house in Andheri and the balance had been paid over the next three years.

Shom liked the house. It was well-appointed. Raima had planned things exceptionally well to make his overnight stay comfortable. She had even picked up new toiletries and towels for him. She had figured what size underwear he wore and the colours he preferred. It was clear she had looked forward to his visit.

Shom was so touched by her thoughtfulness that he hugged her, his cheek touching hers in a gesture of appreciation.

“How do you know so much about me?” he asked, his palms stroking her back.

“I’m intuitive. Aren’t we soulmates after all?” she replied with a smile.

“I know that you have other men in your life and I would prefer it that way.”

“I have never denied that. But as long as I have you, I don’t want anyone else.”

“What if they call on you here?”

“Here? No one has ever been invited home. In fact, no one knows of its existence except two of my friends, both girls; one of whom was my classmate in college,” she said and began to unbutton his shirt. “Come, let’s shower together. I’ve been looking forward to that.”

Her suggestive smile aroused Shom. He went into the shower and caught a glimpse of Raima through the frosted glass as she stripped. Noticing him aroused, she giggled sheepishly.


“Why are you so shy? Haven’t you been face-to-face with a naked man before?” Shom asked.

“I have never been in a bath with a man before. This is my first time,” she said, shyly meeting his gaze.

“How come?” He was quite surprised that an escort had never done this before.

“The idea never appealed to me,” she said with a shrug.

“So why now?”

“I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about it since the time you suggested it four days ago.” Her fingers caressed his chest and lingered there.

The water from the shower flowed over their bodies. The yearning grew and was apparent in their wanting eyes. The caresses turned impassioned as she craved to feel him in her deepest depths. The chamber was filled with fervent groans as his stiffened machismo sought her feminine warmth. Two entangled bodies sought carnal bliss as they lost all self-control.

“Did you also enjoy it?” she asked.

“Like never before but I have still to climax,” he said.

“Then give it to me. I want more,” she purred.


Year 2018: 

Shom and Raima jerked themselves up as they heard cars honking. Dwelling in their past, they had been lost to the world.

The reality of the present hit them hard as they approached Vasai. Shom had family- and work-related issues while Raima had to counter Basu’s threat. She decided that confrontation was the best approach. Given Basu’s antecedents, no one in the family would believe him.

They concluded that it was in their best interests as also of their families that they would never meet alone again. Like Radha and Krishna!

Shom went numb. He slowly stopped the car. They looked at each other, rather within each other, and experienced something beyond their understanding, completely mindless. For a moment they felt they were one and the same person.


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