S1E28: Shom and Raima in Bliss


Recap S1E27 Shom’s Spends the Night at Raima’s Place : Reliving their past, Shom and Raima remember Shom’s first visit to Raima’s apartment. Shom had been touched by her thoughtfulness to make his stay comfortable.

Raima had invited Shom to shower with her and the passion that unleashed had been beyond their control. It had been sheer bliss for both.

Coming back to the present, Raima’s lecherous uncle, Basu threatens to tell her grandpa about her relationship with Shom. He claims to have seen them together.

Basu’s threat and Shom’s family and work pressure leads them to decide that they will never be together again in the absence of company.

This restriction didn’t really matter. For they were always together, almost like being one and the same person.


Year 2018:

Spotting a hotel signboard on the highway, they turned in to Hotel Golden Chariot. The restaurant manager welcomed them and ushered them to a quiet corner. They sat down and looked at each other in amazement.

“How did we come here?” asked Raima

“I don’t know,” replied Shom, surprise that they were there. No words were exchanged. Even when their order was served, they were engrossed in looking at one another and remembering the past.

Year 2009: 

“Why don’t you look into my eyes?” asked Raima. “You never do that.” She sounded possessive, perhaps a bit insecure, after seeing his composure the other day.

“I don’t know. Maybe, I’m not able to face the facts. I feel guilty being with a young girl. The size zero makes you look younger than you actually are,” he said, managing a smile.

The fact was that he had to discipline his mind and not be led by his desires. The power of her eyes was so mesmerising that he did not have the guts to face the truth. The truth she would see in his eyes; the truth he did not want her to see. He was running away from himself. He needed time to find his bearings. After what had happened to him the previous day, he had to learn the art of loving without being selfish and possessive. But, as always, she could read his mind. There was a connection between them he could not explain. Raima stroked his hair lovingly and spelt out a code of conduct for their relationship.

“We will give each other a lot of space,” she said. “Support each other’s cause and responsibilities. We will continue only as long as both of us agree to this arrangement and without any obligation to each other. We will give each other total freedom.”


Shom smiled in acknowledgment.

“Yes, that’s why our relationship is pure and mature. We respect that we do not have any claim over each other. Our relationship should never be possessive or controlling. Although, our love will be selfless and unconditional with no barriers,” he said.

“Good. Now that it is settled, let’s change the topic,” she said. “To address more important matters, tell me what should I do? Should I eat a lot? I want to put on weight to look older,” she winked. “Or should I colour my hair grey to match yours? Why don’t you dye yours instead to look younger?”

“You want me to look younger? Either you are conscious of being seen with an old man or you can’t bear the sight of me. Why don’t you find someone your age? It’s better that I vanish from your life,” he said and started to get up from the bed. Then half-seriously and half-jokingly he said, “One day you will go away with someone your age and I better be prepared for it.”

Raima pulled Shom down and gave him a loving kiss.

 “I love you the way you are and you know that. All I ask you is to look into my eyes. I have been told they are beautiful and I want to hear that from you.” She clasped his face with her hands and forced him to look into her eyes.

He smiled and looking into her eyes, said, “I see the depth of the ocean and, and…” He laughed. “I’m not a poet.”

“That you may not be, but to me you are so much more,” Raima said. They laughed heartily. Shom felt relaxed in her company. She was fun-loving and innocent and made him feel young again. Raima eased out of his embrace, undressed and walked to the weighing scale. She was happy to announce that she had gained half a kilo and began to measure her waist – there was no change, it was still the same, 23”. “But my butt is 33”!” she said, thrilled to know she had gained half an inch there.

“So how does my butt look now? Is it torispherical in shape as you said the other day? What is torispherical? Can you tell me?” she asked, teasingly jutting her butt out for Shom to examine.

“Too many questions!” Shom said, captivated by her perfectly rounded derriere. “Do I need to answer them now?”

“Yes, you promised to tell me. I must know or else…,” she said, hiding her newly-enhanced rear from his view.

“Alright, alright!” Shom laughed. “First of all, I need to see it again. I did not say they were torispherical. I said they were more or less ellipsoidal. To answer your first question, your butt looks great! It is definitely ellipsoidal in shape.”

No sooner did he say that than she jumped on him. “Thank you so much! You’ve made my day!”

“Now to answer your last question,” he continued. “A torispherical contour is the shape obtained from the intersection of a spherical cap with a tangent torus.”

“Is that a bad shape?” asked Raima.

“No, it’s average. Between flat and torispherical is bad.”

“So, is hemispherical the best?”

“Not at all. For a slim body like yours, the best is between ellipsoidal and hemispherical. Just like that sexy shape on you.”

“Let’s make love again!” said Raima.

Shom looked longingly into her eyes. Her demeanour and her body were too beautiful to resist.

“But I have to go home… I don’t want to but I do…,” he said, slowly getting up.

Raima held on to him and broke into a song. “Abhi na jaayo chhord kar, ke dil abhi bhara nahin.”

“Where did you hear this song? It is from my era.” He took her in his arms and couldn’t resist her mischievous looks and welcoming lips. “Come on, let’s go on a long drive.”

He had a plan. They would spend the night at the penthouse on Palm Beach Road and go to work straight from there on Monday morning. The penthouse was close to his office and it made sense to beat the Monday morning traffic. Besides, it worked as a perfect alibi as well. No questions asked, no eyebrows raised.

“Don’t worry, only you and I will be there and any kind of help or service will be on call. I have the keys to the house, it’s well-equipped. Carry only your change of clothes.” Raima was thrilled to bits.

“We are true lovers, Raima, even the gods must be envying us.” he continued. “We will be lovers and hopefully of the same age in our next birth too, provided we are true to each other now and don’t hurt anyone. We will come together in stages – each birth will bring us closer, till our souls merge into each other.”

“You actually believe in this shit?” she asked, quite annoyed. “We have each other right now, let’s live for the moment. Who can guarantee what our next birth is going to be, tell me? You, who have such a logical mind, how can you think like this?” she said, shaking her head and caressing his forehead.

“The mysteries of the universe cannot be comprehended by the human mind despite all scientific logic.”

She looked at him, trying to study his expressions. He continued, “It is possible that this is our second birth together.”

 “I may not buy into this whole reincarnation thing. But I love the idea of us being together during all our lifetimes!” Her face brightened.

Janam janam ka sath hai nibhaane ko, sau sau bar maine janam liye,” she sang, remembering the song of her childhood days when her aunt used to have the radio on all the time.

“So, tell me more about the mysteries of the universe.”

“Do you want me to begin with my life story first?” he asked.

“Yes, please.”

“Okay, light me a joint.”

“Aye aye sir,” she said and lit him a joint. She took a deep drag and handed him the joint.

Year 1960:

“I fell in love with a beautiful and intelligent girl like you in school. Her name was Aruna. We were soulmates in every sense of the word. It was as though we had always known each other. Listening to her speak was like listening to my inner self and she felt the same way about me. We were young and it was our first experience of being together with someone. As I think about it now, I don’t think we really understood it. It was so strange – we hid nothing from each other. We gradually discovered each other. We knew more about the other than our own selves. Later we realised that we had to be discreet about our friendship. We were only fourteen, she a few months older. Our friendship was such that we truly cared for one another and were a constant support and inspiration for each other. We were ambitious for each other as well. Our grades were constantly improving and because of that, our parents did not object to our friendship. However, our friendship was not platonic as everyone assumed. This was no puppy love affair – it turned into a full-blown relationship.”


“We felt guilty that such pleasure came from having the forbidden fruit. When we discovered each other sexually, it was divine. I was lucky since Aruna was mature in many ways. She knew a lot about physical intimacy, but we also knew it was out of bounds. For a long time we used to kiss, fondle and stimulate each other. Then one day, Aruna managed to look up a book on sex from her brother’s room when he was at cricket practice. She called me to her house that day for some class notes and homework. She had been absent from school and was supposedly not well. That afternoon, she taught me all about protective sex after she stole a condom from her father’s stock.” For the first time since Shom began his story, a hint of a smile came to his lips. Turning serious again, he continued.

“The first time was a terrifying experience. It was much more painful for Aruna and she bled profusely. We did it in her bathroom when no one was at home – they had gone to watch a movie. Aruna seldom went to the movies with them since they knew she would rather take the ticket money to borrow books from the library. Anyway, we gradually got bolder and our involvement, more frequent. We got together at her house or at mine, under the pretext of studying. It may sound naïve to say it, but in a way, we considered ourselves married. When we finished schooling, both of us enrolled in St. Xavier’s College for Science.”

Palm Beach was deserted. Shom pulled the car to the side of the road and parked it away from a streetlight. With his hands still on the steering wheel, he spoke again.

“In college we had much more freedom. It was bliss. There were parties and late nights at friends’ homes. Being soulmates, we had accepted each other completely, with all our flaws and shortcomings. But we had failed to realise that a huge economic divide existed between our families. Aruna Pratap Singh came from a rich and influential family while I was from a middle class one. My dad was only a Government employee while the Chief Minister was often a guest at the Pratap Singh residence.”

“We didn’t know how they found out about us, but everything happened quickly. My dad was transferred to another city. Aruna was sent off to a college abroad. I didn’t even know where – there were rumours she was sent to Switzerland. In the pre-digital era, there was no way to contact her. She had my home landline number, but that was of no use either. We had moved to another city, and I had joined an engineering college. Before we shifted out, I gave the new residents of our house my hostel address. They promised to get in touch the moment they heard from Aruna. I must have called them hundreds of times – in fact all my pocket money was reserved for it. I will never forget Aruna’s phone number. It was 446410. I had no guts to call her house and enquire about her whereabouts. I was sure her father and older brother would have had no qualms about having me killed if I made any move. This was made clear the day it all happened. The ground under our feet collapsed. Destiny took over and there was nothing we could.”

Shom looked out of the window. The events from that day seemed to unravel before his eyes once again.

“My life fluctuated between hope and despair and I became a social outcast. My grades dropped. Although I liked engineering, I realised that struggling to get good grades may not necessarily make me a good engineer. After much thought, I called Aruna’s father and brother, pleading with them to tell me about her, but to no avail. Soon after, I began experimenting with cannabis, thinking of Aruna all the time and living with the hope that I would be rich and worthy of her someday.” Shom paused for a minute.

“Not knowing that she was dead.”

Shom broke down. He suddenly felt Raima’s hand on his cheeks and he looked at her. Tears ran down her cheeks as she wiped the tears off his face. This was the first time he had opened up like this. He hugged Raima, tears flowing freely from his swollen eyes.

“I did everything to investigate the circumstances of her death, but in vain. She was to get married at the age of twenty-one after graduating from La Sorbonne in Paris. The death was registered as one from natural causes. I got to know this only twenty-years ago, when I had a thorough investigation done. She had committed suicide on being forced to marry someone against her wishes. They probably told her that they had killed me or would do so if she did not oblige. I did not have to get her father and brother punished. Destiny had taken care of that. Her brother went behind bars for life and her father died after he was declared bankrupt. That was the end of Aruna and her family. Her mother died when she was only ten.”

Year 2009:

Shom took Raima’s hands in his. “Our love was short-lived but we were soulmates. It is the only way to describe the relationship; nothing else could define our love.”

They drove to the penthouse on Palm Beach Road in silence. Both of them were immersed in their thoughts; sad, but serene. There were no longer any secrets from each other. Shom knew he could now let go of the ghosts of his past. When he turned to look at Raima, the thought that she was Aruna, flashed through his mind and he shuddered. But when she met his gaze, he knew she felt the same way. They looked at each other intensely in the darkness of the car. They could sense each other, feel the other’s emotions. They experienced each other at a transcendent level. Every thought, emotion and touch was heightened. They were soulmates, there was no doubt anymore.

Shom experienced a new dawn, a new light that held the answers to his nagging turmoil. He felt the energy radiating through his spirit, the unnecessary baggage of his past no longer pinning him down. His guilt evaporated and he was at peace with himself.

In the penthouse they were lost in their own cocoon, unaware of the surroundings and unaffected by the outside world. She put her arms around his neck and his around her waist. They looked into each other’s eyes and swayed to the music in their mind. Through their eyes, they could see into each other’s soul, transparent like clear glass.

Lost to the world, they danced away to the imaginary melody. It was divine love; selfless and unconditional. She lifted her lips and placed them upon his. The passion of their touch took on a spiritual level that set fire to their souls. Every touch, every kiss, every part of their body was experiencing a spiritual energy, a connection that was forever. Every moment mirrored perfect bliss, an everlasting ecstasy, as though their union had transcended physical boundaries and had become infinite.


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