S1E32: Raima and Natasha Come Together

Recap S1E31 Natasha and Raima Discover the Dildo :

Natasha and Raima recall the incident from ten years earlier when they had experimented with Swapna’s (mother’s) dildo.

When Swapna had knocked on the door, Raima had placed the devise on the window sill, out of Swapna’s sight.

It had had disastrous consequences. Before they had known, the devise had fallen out of the window. Being late at night, the two had had to wait till the morning to retrieve it.

An old neighbour had beaten them to it early in the morning. Embarrassed, she had thrown it into a steel bin, causing it it vibrate and create a deafening noise. Mistaking the dildo for a bomb, the neighbours had called the police.

But all that is in the past. They are together again and discovering the joys of a new vibrator. Their lips touch and before they know it, both are in a state of ecstasy.

Khush had a big grin and was about to say something when Harry spoke up.

“Raima and Natasha are adults, let them figure out their own issues. Why should we get so worked up?”

Returning Khush’s smile, he continued, “The law is with them now; their patience have been well rewarded.”

Year 2018:

Natasha was thrilled sitting in close physical contact with Raima. They were reading the news reports of the LGBT judgement. Their joy knew no bounds as they jumped, danced and kissed. The ice was broken and the physical intimacy they shared ten years earlier was rekindled.

After the dildo disaster, Raima had vanished, creating a void in her life. She was all excited now as they discussed the things they had in common. Natasha showed Raima the latest Commingle dildo from Philadelphia, a mind-controlled device with sensors, which had kept her company in the latter’s absence. She pushed the vibrator inside her, with wires on its black band connected to her forehead.

Watching Natasha enjoy the dildo turned on Raima. Natasha pulled out the dildo and suggested that they do something together. Having said so, she pulled out an extra-long, double-ended dildo from her wardrobe. The mere sight of it made Raima feel horny. She was alarmed at what was suddenly happening to her. Natasha started stripping her. Raima rushed to the door to latch it. Natasha smiled as she exposed her large, shapely bosoms. Pulling Raima to herself, she unbuttoned her outfit. Much as she tried, Raima was unable to resist.

Ten years ago, their physical contact had been abruptly curtailed by Swapna when she had come that night knocking at their door, concerned about their working late in the night. The dildo had fallen from the window sill and ended in a garbage bin, raising a security alarm.

This had been before Raima came in had contact with Khush, whom she had befriended among others, before she met Shom. On the other hand, Natasha had graduated to obtaining her own dildo and had fantasised about Raima and her together.

For Natasha it was a dream come true. Raima had reconnected with a long-lost friend after fate had put an end to her relationship with Shom.

Natasha slowly moved towards Raima. Both were stark naked on the bed. Busty as she was, Natasha pressed hard by giving Raima a tight hug. Raima’s urges became so intense that she suddenly became dominant and turned around to get on top of Natasha, squeezing her chest on to hers. Natasha’s moans turned on Raima. She became the Shom of the relationship and started kissing Natasha affectionately and all the way.

Natasha’s response was violent as Raima explored every nook and corner, tonguing all the way. Natasha’s moaning became so intense that it got Raima worried about Swapna getting to know what they were up to. She pressed her palm on Natasha mouth. Natasha burst out laughing loudly. Raima quickly sealed Natasha’s lips with hers to dampen the laughter. Aroused, Natasha reached out for Raima’s vagina with a vengeance and sucked up the inside, as Raima moaned.

Raima inserted one end of the extra-long dildo gradually inside her. Completely wet and pleasuring herself, she looked empowered as she pushed Natasha on the bed, and herself on her. Raima moaned as Raima entered her. Their moans turned louder. With every stroke, it was a sight to see the extra-long dildo alternately in full view and completely out of sight. This went on, oblivious to the ringing of the intercom and Swapna’s subsequent knock on the door.

Swapna stood at the door, hearing Natasha and Raima climax together. Confused, she did not know what to do. She decided to leave them alone and walked off, muttering ‘Raima’ under her breath.

Back at the factory Harry and Khush were toasting a Glenfiddich when Harry’s phone started ringing. It was Swapna. Khush stood up to leave the room but Harry held him back. He put the call on speakerphone and gestured Khush to remain seated.

“Harry, it’s about Natasha again. My daughters are in love with each other. What should I do?” enquired Swapna, sounding disturbed.

Khush looked shocked and was about to say something when Harry answered.

“Raima and Natasha are adults, let them figure out their own issues. Why should we get so worked up?”

“Please come back immediately, I want to talk to you,” said Swapna.

“Khush and I will leave for Bombay in the morning. Join us for lunch at CCI.” 

“I want to meet you privately; I need your support.” 

Harry looked at Khush who made a thumbs up gesture.

“Okay, come home at 3 pm.” 

No sooner had he put down the phone than it started ringing again. This time it was Raima. Harry picked up the phone at put it on speakerphone.

“Where are you Harry? I want to meet you now,” asked Raima.

“What’s the problem? Don’t you like Natasha’s company?” responded Harry.

“What? Why do you ask?”

Khush was about to burst into laughter but managed to control himself. Alarmed, Harry turned off the speakerphone and moved away from him. A long conversation followed. Raima wanted to meet him alone. Harry decided not to tell her about Swapna’s concern. Feeling drained after the call, he took a big swig of whisky and told Khush everything.

 “Let’s have an early dinner and leave. Raima will be home, waiting for me,” he told Khush.

“Who rules you, Swapna or Raima?” 

“Both. I love it. Fortunately, I didn’t have to tell Raima about Swapna coming over to talk to me tomorrow when she and Natasha will be out shopping.” 


To be continued…




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