S1E34: Raima Seeks Harry’s Advice

Recap S1E33 Khush Encounters a Shemale :

With Raima waiting at Harry’s residence, anxious to meet him, Khush and he drive back to Bombay from the factory.

En route, Khush narrates the story of his life. Having married into a rich family, he turns the family business into a conglomerate and makes his millions in the process.

With his wife taking charge of the business after her father’s death, Khush settles into the role of an advisor and turns his attention to his deep-rooted urge to fulfil the desires of the opposite sex.

Concerned about his friend Shom losing control over himself as a result of a growing involvement with a mysterious girl, Khush thinks of possible ways of distracting his attention from the girl.

This leads to a chance meeting with Aneesha, a sexy woman he meets at a bar. Later that night at her residence, he runs into a surprise. The woman turns out to be a shemale.

Khush tries to get Shom interested in shemales. They come across several of them during a late-night drive. But instead of being sexually attracted to them, Shom is concerned about their isolation from the mainstream. He looks forward to the day when their exploitation stops and they are accepted as equals in society.

Year 2018:

Harry went up the elevator to find the door to his apartment ajar. As he wondered why, Raima rushed out and hugged him.

“Why was the door open?” he enquired.

“I saw your car enter the compound,” she said.

Harry nodded, shut the door and followed her to the couch. Two glasses of drink with crushed ice stood on the table. On being asked, Raima reminded him of the nightcap he had suggested, to go with the serious discussion they were going to engage in. Harry smiled, toasted his glass, looked into her eyes and sipped his drink.

“Lovely drink, just what I wanted. What is it?” asked Harry, licking his lips.

“White Russian vodka with coffee liqueur, whipped up with cream,” said Raima.

“Right! What would you like to know?”


“I see. Shoot!”

“I don’t know what to say and how to say it.”

“We decided to be prepared with the questions.”

“I know, but I feel awkward…, okay, I love Natasha.”

“That’s it? We all love her, so what if you do?”

“I love her with all my heart. I had sex with her.”

“So you are bisexual.”

“Aren’t you shocked? You’re my dad after all.”

“I’m getting to know my daughter better and I’m happy that she is confiding in me.”

“You don’t care that your daughter is abnormal? Just because I’m not your biological daughter?”

“I may not be your biological father but I am your dad by providence. Relationships are subject to worldly pressures. My fatherly love is not. And after the Supreme Court judgment, the abnormalities you talk about are not abnormalities anymore. Let’s grow up; the purpose of life is to detach oneself from worldly ways.”

“All this is easier said than done.”

“True. There’s no hurry, take your sweet time. As long as you believe in it, you’ll live a guilt-free life.”

Raina got up annoyed. “I thought you’ll solve my problems, but you’re just adding to them,” she said, looking at Harry for a reaction. Not getting any, she continued, “Please don’t preach!”

Harry didn’t respond. He rolled his tongue to savour the taste of the drink and smiled as if he had no care in the world.

“Oh my God! I’m bisexual, what do I do? What shall I tell Shom?”

“Why were you not with Shom? What made you go to Natasha?”

“Shom and I jointly decided to stop seeing each other after hell broke loose on us. Our families were up in arms because we were missing for few days. Thanks to my uncle, the bastard, they know about us.”

“That makes sense.”

“So where do I go? You were not at home. My place at Worli is locked because I stay here. I get bored alone without you. I thought about Natasha and I am so glad I did. She was thrilled to see me. She really loves me and now I’m deeply in love with her.”

Raima sighed and Harry observed her closely, thinking that it was the dildo incident that had set them apart. Raima came and sat close to Harry, seeking an answer.

“You have just listened to your heart. Now you feel guilty that you have cheated on Shom. What are you blaming yourself for? Shom is having fun with Khush. Look at Khush’s WhatsApp message.”

Raima didn’t bother to look at Khush’s WhatsApp message: Hey, I’m at Tote’s with Shom. Why don’t you join us?

“He and Shom are at Tote’s. Tote on the Turf, the most happening nightclub in Sobo. I hope its business picks up as Khush has a stake in it.”

Harry noticed that Raima was lost in her thoughts and wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying.

“Poor Shom, he must have been waiting for Khush, just as I was for you. What will happen to us?”

“The two of you will move on with your separate lives.”

“What do you mean? I want my old Shom back, the way it was when we first met. I can’t live without him.”

“Shom has too many issues, both, in his family life and business. He’s not the same person any more. This is the trying phase of life you’re destined to go through. The purpose of life is to acquaint you with all its phases. Make your life colourful, don’t let guilt come in the way.”

“What happens to my true love? I’ll die without it.”

“You will die with it.”

“What do you mean?”

“True love never dies. Your love will only mature in separation. That’s the very purpose of life; to teach by testing.”

“In the meantime what do I do?”

“Live life to the fullest, a guilt-free life.”

Raima was about to react, when Natasha called. Harry asked her to put the call on the speakerphone. Natasha came on the line.

“Hi Raima. Where did you go away? I feel lonely without you. Please come back.”

Raima was in tears. “I’m sorry, honey. I’ll be back soon. What about your mom?”

“Let her think whatever she wants, I don’t care. This is my house, let her go and live with Harry. She keeps spending the nights with him anyway. Please come back. Where are you?”

“I will, I will, but not now. I have to deal with my terrible uncle. Please get some sleep; it’s past midnight. I have to rise early.”

She disconnected and rushed to Harry, sobbing away. With Raima’s head burrowed in his chest, he composed an urgent message on his phone.

“What are you doing behind my back?”

“I was struggling to put my phone on silent mode.”

Raima started pounding her fists on Harry’s chest. “Tell me what to do?” she said. Harry had never seen her in such a state.

“Take it easy, Raima, Let’s take Natasha for a night out, just the three of us.”

Raima was thrilled. Harry’s was good at using an engineer’s logic to analyse life situations and arrive at solutions. He was going to provide the energy required for a successful phase change between Shom and Raima. Raima changed into club wear, arranged for the driver and called Natasha. Harry’s chauffeur, Ashok dropped the three of them at Tote’s.

The place was packed after midnight with a long queue of youngsters trying to get in. Khush’s brother-in-law, Shamiq, the popular DJ was playing loud music. They moved into the private enclosure which was also packed but good enough for Raima and Natasha. They danced to the latest beats and kissed passionately every now and then. Harry kept going in and out to answer Swapna’s calls. She wanted to know why he was encouraging this relationship. She was concerned only about Raima, as Natasha and her issue was an old story. She didn’t want Shom and Raima to get caught in Natasha’s web. Harry told Swapna that Natasha would be coming home that night with Raima.

She called him again to say that she wouldn’t meet him until he got rid of her two daughters. Harry was longing for Swapna’s company and he promised her that the coast would be clear around the time Raima and Natasha left for brunch at Indigo Deli behind Regal cinema. He proposed that they meet for tea, followed by a romantic dinner. She liked the idea and suggested that they spend the night at her house of Natasha and Raima were going to be at his. Harry added that they could even set off for the following morning.

“That’ll be fun! What about Kerala? I can do the bookings now, but what about your sleep? Friday nights are the worst.” said Swapna.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be asleep on your shoulder on the flight. Please book wherever you’d love to go for a weekend and WhatsApp me the time I should pick you up,” replied Harry.

This done, a relieved Harry rushed back to the place of action. He wondered where Shom and Khush were. They were supposed to be here as the WhatsApp earlier in the evening. Harry pushed his way to the reserved enclosure where Khush and he had a permanent booking. The girls were in each other’s arms trying to move with music that had become soft and romantic. He saw Khush with a girl and then, to his surprise, Shom appeared with a sexy girl clinging to him. All of them were a bit high and were dancing unnoticed by Natasha and Raima, until they drew close and bumped into each other. Shom and Raima stared at each other with eyes wide open and aghast!


To be continued…




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