S1E35: Raima Questions Harry

Recap S1E34 Raima Seeks Harry’s Advice :

Raima meets up with Harry to confide in him about her love for Natasha and to seek his advice.

Harry is unfazed. He advises her to rid herself of guilt and live life to the fullest, away from Shom. Their love for each other will only mature, regardless of them being together or not.

Natasha calls and asks Raima to return to her. Harry uses his engineering approach to life to set up a rendezvous for Raima and Natasha at a popular club.

Raima and Natasha dance together at the club while Harry and Swapna plan a getaway on the phone.

Raima and Shom get the shock of their lives when they bum into each other. Shom has a sexy girl clinging to him.

Year 2018:

Shom and Raima faced each other, their heads bent low in guilt. Harry moved quickly, pulling Raima to the exit. He waved out to Khush who waved back. Shom was too high to notice anything. Natasha followed Raima to the door. Harry eased out Ashok from the waiting car and took over the wheel, with Raima seated next to him and Natasha at the rear.

No sooner they drove off than Raima started howling. She wanted to know how Shom had landed up there. Harry did not feel it was right to tell her that he knew this from Khush. Instead, he softly told her that it was all good, all in the open, to which she screamed, “What do you mean?”

Harry reasoned with her that had the confrontation not happened, it would have been agonising for her to play hide-and-seek with her soulmate. Raima was dumbfound and quiet thereafter. Natasha caressed her neck from behind. The streets being deserted; the journey was quick. No one uttered a word till they went up to Harry’s apartment and Natasha led Raima to her room.

Locking the door behind them, they quickly shed the party clothes got into bed. Natasha soothed Raima as her sensual hands caressed her. Raima sought more and Natasha quickly responded by nuzzling every part of her body. This time Natasha assumed the dominant role.

She was on top with her head immersed between Raima’s thighs and her bums on top of Raima’s face, exciting her no end. Raima was so charged that she rolled over Natasha to be on top. Her head was immersed between Natasha’s thighs, vigorously eating out of Natasha who moaned with her mouth covered by Raima’s thighs. They climaxed one after the other.

They lay completely exhausted in a voluptuous languor with their bodies motionless. Soon they were fast asleep.

Raima was woken up by the doorbell.

Why so early, she thought. It was past eight in the morning. She quickly wore her night gown and covered Natasha’s nude body with a quilt before she came out and saw that Prakash was already in the kitchen. Harry had opened the door for Ashok who collected Harry’s baggage. Raima looked at Harry enquiringly.

“Good morning! Go back to sleep. I am going to pick up Swapna and we are going to be away until the weekend,” said Harry.

Raima got a start. “Why are you leaving me?” she enquired.

“I need to be with Swapna as she is worried about you and Shom.”

“What will you tell her?”

“Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

“But I have to ask you about Shom. Please tell me what I should do.”

“Elope with Shom and tell Natasha to go away.”

“What?” screamed Raima. Prakash almost dropped the cup of coffee he had got for Raima. She downed a big swig from the cup before she countered him for his foolish remark. “You know very well that if this could be done, we would have avoided the agony of the past nine years.”

Harry grinned like Alfred E Newman, known for witty answers to stupid questions.

“I’m so frazzled and you’re making fun of me?”

“You don’t have to be anxious, I’m worried about Shom. He must be in shambles for being caught red-handed. No man worries about his love being with another woman, especially with Natasha, as everyone knows about her.” Saying so, he rushed to the passage for the elevator, Raima following him, wanting to know why Shom had cheated on her, that too on the very first night after they had decided to be apart.

“The answer to the second question is Khush. It’s his doing, knowing the problem his friend is entangled in. We call it stress-relieving in engineering.”

“I know Khush but how could Shom even think of doing this to me? Does he love me? Now he is with someone else, how dare he?”

“Does he love you? Does he have a choice? No, you’re soulmates. Your love needs to mature further and soon these questions will become irrelevant. Like Radha-Krishna, even when you get married your love cannot die.”

The elevator did not stop at Harry’s floor.

“But why was he kissing that girl?”

“Don’t you know about men? Every man is a dog and every woman, a bitch.”

“How can you say that?”

The elevator door opened and Harry went in. “Wait!” said Raima, straightening her gown and following him into the elevator.

“I can say so because I have been associated with women all my life; and I am 72 years old.”

“You may perceive that all women are baffled and all men are bastards, but I refuse to accept such perception for Shom. No never! He’ll always be special for me. Shom is the nicest man I know. He can be a dog but not a bastard.”

“Dogs are closest to God. Every man is a dog and every woman, a bitch. A dog-bitch relationship is pure, close to God. Like a dog, man has a tendency to sniff around. And like a bitch, a woman goes for the highest bidder. She likes to be won over. These are the laws of nature.”

Harry stepped out as the elevator door opened. Raima asked him to explain everything to Swapna about Natasha and herself. The elevator door shut after some residents got in. Raima went up to the apartment thinking of Natasha in bed and how she would cuddle up and sleep with her loved one.


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