S1E36: Harry and Swapna in Goa

Recap S1E35 Raima Questions Harry :

After Raima and Shom come face to face at the bar, Harry whisks Raima away with Natasha in tow.

Raima is upset at seeing Shom with a girl, just the day after the two of them had decided to go their separate ways.

Harry tells her that the confrontation was a good thing because it would have been agonising for them to play hide-and-seek with each other for a long time.

Raima and Natasha spend the night at Harry’s apartment, seeking pleasure in each other’s arms.

The next morning Raima is surprised to see Harry all set to leave with his bags packed. He tells her that about the getaway Swapna has planned for the two of them.

Before he can leave, Raima questions him again about Shom. Harry tells her that she needs to be patient until their loves matures further. Being soulmates, their love is eternal. It is not limited by worldly demands of being together to be in love.

Still upset that she had seen Shom kissing the girl at the bar the previous night, Harry tells Raima that at heart, every man is a dog and every woman, a bitch. Man likes to sniff around while a women make themselves available to the highest bidder. These are the laws of nature.

Harry leaves for the holiday with Swapna while Raima returns to the apartment, seeking comfort in Natasha.

Year 2018:

Harry was in the car when Swapna called to ask if she should wait for him or meet him directly at the airport. Harry replied that he expected to meet her in her building compound in 20 minutes.


“That’s fine,” said Swapna and continued, “let me tell you that we are going to Goa as Kerala is totally flooded. I have got us a good deal for a suite at Fort Aguada.”

“Thanks, honey. That’s great. See you soon.”

Swapna changed into a white sleeveless stretchy top and shorts and came down to the compound. While Ashok was putting her bag in the boot, Harry was busy admiring her denim shorts and sexy legs. She cuddled up to Harry and clasped his hands. Harry kissed her hands and held on to them as they drove off. They were at peace at last just being with each other.

The flight was comfortable, their heads resting against each other, allowed them to catch a wink or two. They spoke about everything but the kids. Harry’s hands lingered above Swapna’s knees when no one was watching.

When they landed, Harry turned on his phone and a barrage of messages followed. There was one from Shom asking him to call back. Concerned, Harry called Shom who answered immediately.

“Sorry about this but I haven’t slept a wink after last night. I have totally let  

Raima down,” said Shom.

Although the phone was not on speaker, Swapna heard everything as her ears were stuck to the other side of the mobile. She was concerned and wanted to know more. Putting the phone on mute, Harry told Swapna that he would update her after the call.

Addressing Shom, Harry said, “I know how you feel. What happened was too sudden but be aware that the two of you decided to stop meeting, not living! Look at it this way; it is better that everything is out in the open and you don’t have to play hide-and-seek all your life.”

Shom was quiet for a few moments before he confessed, “I can’t live without Raima. I love her beyond anything in life.”

“Are you willing to marry her?”

This shook up Shom. He thought about his wife and two kids and about Raima’s family. “Harry, I think you are right. I am just worried about Raima.”

“Don’t worry about her. I’ll do that for you.”

“You have always helped us. What about our love? What will Raima think?”

“Love has nothing to do with what you think. Love does not think! It just loves, nothing can stop it. It’s eternal. So stop being guilty and learn to live life to the fullest like Khush does. I promise to make Raima do likewise.”

“Aye, aye sir.”

“Good luck and God bless!”

Swapna spoke as the call ended. “My God, you are a wonderful man. You have salvaged the situation from turning into a disaster. You’re indeed a love guru.”

They were almost the last to deplane. Harry filled Swapna in on the details of his conversation with Shom and on the events of the past few days.

“So it’s you who orchestrated the entire sequence of events!”

“This was the best I could do to ease your tension.”

“I can now guess when you planned it all with. You messaged Khush while Raima was crying on your shoulder. And told her that you were putting your phone on silent mode when she asked what you were doing behind her back, right?”

“I did not have a choice but to honour the promise made to you that evening.”

Swapna thanked Harry by kissing him at the back of his earlobe. He quickly turned his face to bring his lips to hers, skilfully parting them with his tongue while his fingers followed the beautiful contours of her bare armpits. Swapna pulled away, reminding him that they were nearly at the hotel.

Swapna had managed a good deal with the 5-star resort at Sinquerim beach. Their premium suite had a terrace overlooking the Arabian Sea.

They immediately called for lunch; bhekti peri peri with steamed rice, accompanied by chilled Eden Ridge Chardonnay Mendocino from the bar with roasted cashews and almonds to munch on.

As Harry sipped his wine, his attention was drawn to Swapna’s thighs, one placed on the other. Embarrassed, she straightened her legs. Overcoming Harry’s objection, she told him to cultivate each appetite separately, not mix the two.

“You are too smart for me,” he said, “beauty with brains to match.”

This made her blush and Harry told her how beautiful that made her look. This made her blush all the more. As they ate lunch, Swapna’s phone rang. She excused herself and later explained that it was too important a business call to be missed. Harry could help think that Natasha’s lack of interest put a great burden on Swapna to run the family business single-handedly.

Harry was amused to see her put the phone on fight mode and he did the same. Don’t deprive yourself of a cell phone but detach yourself by putting it on flight mode, he thought.

They chose to snooze a bit after lunch. Swapna cuddled up with Harry and the next moment they were fast asleep. Harry slept so soundly that Swapna did not have the heart to wake him up. In the pantry to get some tea, she heard him stir.

Not finding Swapna next to him, he called out for her. She came running and hugged him. “Shall I get you some tea or coffee? The water is on the boil.”


“You are really efficient.”

“Don’t be silly, I just pressed a button before I rushed here.”

“You are very thoughtful; you have got me addicted to yourself,” he said and laughed at himself.

“I love you Harry and you know that. I am sure you will fall for me sooner or later.”

“You mean a lot to me, honey. I see such purity in you. We think alike and are made for each other. Let’s go dancing. Club Cabana is the best but SinQ night club is more our type.”

They dressed in ‘formal casuals’ as Harry described their attire. After dinner at Kokum Kitchen restaurant in the hotel and a stroll along the beach, they walked across to SinQ. Among the first there, they hit the floor doing the Salsa and other couples joined in. Everyone admired Swapna’s dance moves and swinging hips.

Back in their room by 12:30, Swapna reflected upon her love life. Her alcoholic husband had been a disappointment. After his death from cirrhosis of the liver, her youth and wealth could have got her another husband or other relationships. There had been many interested in her but her experience had not allowed her to trust a soul until she met Harry.

Harry was like Khush in the matter of women but his life had taken a turn after he met Swapna. They were exceptionally compatible in mind, body and heart. Though they did not choose to marry or live together, they knew that they were meant for each other. It was an unconventional, detached and mature love they shared.

She was an expert at self-pleasuring and had a great rapport with Harry’s tiny member. Her sensual touch made it grow rapidly and turn erect. Harry lay passively but only to a point. Her warm bare body had already got him beyond control and he couldn’t hold on anymore. He climbed on her. She was burning with desire to meet him; completely wet down there as he pushed his throbbing one slowly inside.

Her moaning was soft but prolonged and continued with every stroke. Harry’s was at another level, as he watched her expressions closely, the purity within She climaxed without oohs and aahs. Only her lips parted sensuously. Her rapid breathing and the intense pleasure on her face made his longing so intense that he exploded just seconds later.

This was the time everyone surrendered. This was the purity Harry was imbibing though Swapna’s expressions. It was heavenly!


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