S1E38: MeToo or Sweetu?

Recap S1E37 Raima’s #MeToo Moment :

Raima gets an unexpected visitor when, after an evening out with Natasha, her rapist uncle Rathin Nandi gets into her car by stealth. Accusing her of illicit conduct, he threatens to tell the family what she has been up to with Natasha.

On the pretext of driving her uncle back to his hotel, she speeds off to the nearest police station, accuses him of raping her and with some help from Khush, get him behind bars. It is her Me Too moment.

Later, she and Natasha meet up with Harry and Khush to give them a blow-by-blow account of all that transpired that evening.

“Hey Khush, you did a great job for Raima’s MeToo moment. The bastard of the uncle is paying for his sins at last,” said Shom.

“The man is behind bars but has appointed Shyam Joothmalani to fight his case. They will go all out to expose Raima,” replied Khush.

“Holi shit! But Harry will save her. I have no doubt about this.” 

“Harry is a great mentor. He is crystal clear in his thoughts. He told me that though Raima and I have decided not to meet, it doesn’t mean that we stop enjoying life. We can stick to our resolve only if we have something else to divert our minds. Harry’s suggestion is sensible,” said Shom.

“So, what’s going on with Anita?” 

“I don’t know what to do. I am in two minds. After the incident at Tote’s where we were caught red-handed, I went to the spa at Dhanraj Mahal near the Taj for a massage yesterday.”

“Why there?”

“To meet Anita. She works there as a masseuse. Besides, it’s a nice place and she gave me one hell of a massage. The best I have had so far.”

“So you are up to your old tricks again.”

“She called an hour ago and wants to meet up. I don’t know what to do, it’s a catch 22 situation.

“Fuck your situation, just call her immediately.” 

“As Harry says, every man is a dog. He needs variety. I am no different.”

“I don’t know what happened when you introduced me to Anita. She’s so young and full of life, just as Raima used to be.”

“Ha ha. Look at this!” said Khush, passing his mobile to Shom. “The Economic Times says that according to a study, women peak at 18 on dating apps while men peak at 50.”

Looking up some profiles on dating apps, Khush added, “You are not a freak. Your needs are normal and these men look much older than us. At 72, even Harry looks younger than us, and we are only 53.”

Shom read the news item and appeared pleased. His confidence boosted, he decided to meet Anita. The only thing that played on his mind was the MeToo threat. This worked on his mind so much so that when Anita looked at him, she could tell something was amiss.

“What is it, tell me. It was Raima earlier, what now? Raima has a life of her own and getting popular with her MeToo moment,” said Anita, sounding concerned.

“What about you?” asked Shom.

“What about me?”

“You and MeToo?”

Anita looked at Shom curiously, then spoke up. “I see your problem,” she said, going into the next room, only to return a couple of minutes late with a handwritten note which said:

To Whom It May Concern 

I, Anita Gupta, aged 19, love Suman Bhatia. I am an adult and in sound mental condition to do what I desire the most. My purpose of physical intimacy with Suman is my need. I have no MeToo intent. Any dispute between the two of us can only be settled mutually and amicably. 


Anita Gupta

“Who told you that my real name is Suman Bhatia?” Shom looked shocked.

“Relax! In today’s digitally connected world, information is easy to come by. I have looked up your company balance sheet. It has bottomed out.” 

Shom was aghast. “What’s your intent?”

Anita smiled. “Women my age have to be smart to survive in this dirty world. That’s all.”

She folded the sheet of paper neatly and inserted it in the inner pocket of his jacket. Shom looked quite shaken up and said he was sorry to make her go through so much.

Anita pacified him with a hug and a kiss. Shom was enticed. The mere whiff of her breath turned him on. He kissed her hungrily and her response was overwhelming. Unlike Raima, she was busty and forthcoming, oozing with sex and passion. This was paradise, thought Shom.

Breathing heavily after they were done, the two lay together, their bodies in complete contact. When Anita got up, Shom’s eyes followed her nude body, admiring every curve as she walked to the bar and poured champagne into two glasses. She made a sexy sight half-covering her erect, well-formed bosom.

It was a never-ending night as they indulged a second time. It was so intense that the third time became difficult for Shom. Though embarrassed, he did not want to give up. They still needed each other; she said she had never had so much fun. They watched sexy clips on the big screen as a stimulant. Shom was frustrated because even that did not do the trick. Every time he tried to enter her, he failed as hers was too tight and he, too anxious to satisfy.

He cursed his luck and his mind explored several options. Would the Indian equivalents of Viagra work? Would Khush have an answer? Anita smiled and put him at ease. She quickly removed his rubber and before he knew it, he was in her mouth; so warm and tender that before he knew it, he came all out in her. He was gone!


To be continued…




  • Saroj Deepak 30th October 2018 (11:14 am)

    Very nice

  • Aparajita Majumdar 30th October 2018 (12:14 pm)

    Loved this episode

  • Bhavya 30th October 2018 (4:20 pm)

    i thought Shom was a Bengali.. anyway nice new love angle with Anita ♥

  • Riya Sen 30th October 2018 (6:05 pm)

    Metoo paper pe para tha ab yaha pe vi.Good job.

  • Ayan Das 31st October 2018 (12:56 pm)

    Nice one

  • Sheetal sinha 31st October 2018 (5:04 pm)

    Your series of writing is nice way to be updated with what is happening around! Thanks🤗

    • Tapan Ghosh 9th November 2018 (9:57 am)

      Thank you Sheetal, I try to make my stories as relevant as possible by addressing the current situations. God bless

  • Swetam sinha 31st October 2018 (5:07 pm)

    I am afraid shom draws a comparison between Anita nd Raima , while there can never be one , between two different people!!😊

    • Tapan Ghosh 9th November 2018 (9:53 am)

      I see where you are coming from, yes two people are completely different and we should not draw any comparison.
      Here the situation is different. Shom and Raima have been living in the past. When Shom was very rich and Raima very young and bubbly. Shom and Raima are soul mates. However now the worldly pressures have completely separated their mindsets and the purity(love..God) the found within each other they’re just looking for that in others they encounter.
      Shom therefore makes this statement in this episode :-
      “I don’t know what happened when you introduced me to Anita. She’s so young and full of life, just as Raima used to be.”
      Please lemme know if there’s any further confusion. God bless