S1E39: Coffee, Tea or Sweety?

Recap S1E38 MeToo or Sweetu? :

Shom tells Khush the advice Harry has given him about enjoying life to overcome the sorrow of parting from Raima.

Khush tells him to meet up with Anita. Shom is hesitant. Khush urges him by showing him the findings of a study that suggest that women peak at the age of 18 while men peak at 50.

Encouraged by Khush, Shom meets up with Anita and shares his apprehension about being shamed by the MeToo movement.

Anita calms him down and signs a written declaration to the effect that her relationship with Shom is out of her own free will. It ends up being a night of never-ending passion for the two of them.

Sunlight streamed through the curtains when Shom woke up. He reached for his mobile phone. To his surprise, it was past 11:30. There were some routine mails and messages from his wife and Khush. As he turned to look for Anita, he was greeted by a smiling face looking down on him. It was Anita in her gym shorts, doing aerobics with headphones plugged on.

“What would you like to have? Orange juice, coffee, tea or… Sweety?” she asked suggestively.

Shom remembered that he left her high and dry the previous night while he was just gone. He felt embarrassed.

“And what about your breakfast?”

“We are just in time for brunch,” replied Shom.

“Perfect, should we go somewhere?”

“I don’t mind room service.”

“Omelette with a red mimosa.”

“Please order for me too,” said Shom raising his tone to be heard over the blaring music.”

“Zumba is a good workout. I do it almost every day.”

What a chick, thought Shom. Anita was a graceful dancer and her Zumba moves were so enticing that he was tempted to join in and make some physical contact but the very next moment he felt guilty.

“What happened to you my rock star?” she asked, taking off her head phones. “Why so sad?”

“I feel bad that you hang around with an old man when dozens of young men would want to be with you.”

“It may well be so but they are all numb.”

“I let you down last night.”

“You are a stud. I haven’t come across anyone sexier. Don’t worry about me; I got rather compulsive in your company. Last night was unimaginably fiery, especially the second time when I climaxed twice.”


Now that his confidence was restored, Shom got all charged up and pulled her into bed. She was like magic for him. They enjoyed their union wholeheartedly. He felt relieved about not letting her down after all. They enjoyed their brunch and a siesta thereafter. Later, he drove her home at New Cuffe Parade.

“I have been wanting to ask you a question. A personal one,” said Shom, as they drove down the Eastern Freeway.

Anita smiled at him.

“I have been wondering, how such a smart and cultured kid like you decided to be a masseuse.” 

“I am not a masseuse in that sense; I have only been trained to practise and train my staff which I do. Both, men and women. I just practised on you twice. Was I good?”

“That’s an understatement. You must be high up in your establishment and drawing a hefty salary.” 

“I don’t draw a salary; I am a working partner. I have done a course in hospitality and media.”

Shom was impressed. They kissed and promised to meet again soon. With a heavy heart, Shom drove away from the scene thinking about Khush. He called him in reply to his text.

“Let’s go talk to Harry; you know how to get to him,” he appealed to Khush.

They went to the Golf Club to meet Harry. Shom told them everything that had happened between Anita and him.

“I don’t understand what’s happening to me,” said Shom.

“Every man is like Tiger Woods and yet should not end up like he did,” said Harry as he managed a long put. “You can either put it in or putt it in; you cannot do both.”

“What does that mean?” asked Khush.

“Tiger got into the woods because he went to two extremes. His life was not balanced like a tightrope walk. Rather, it was like a see-saw. He couldn’t balance his mind and heart.”

“What am I doing wrong, Harry?” asked Shom.

“You are doing nothing wrong but suffering nonetheless because you are insecure. Your guilt is due to attachment. Just surrender to your fate.”

“You mean I shouldn’t feel guilty about loving a teenager? Then what about my love for Raima?”

“Love is not about a person. It’s about purity in a person. Purity is God.” Harry broke into a poem.

Muhabbat sirf ek se kyun

Khuda to hum sab me hai

Muhabbat Khuda hai

Ye elaan har mazhab mein hai

Shom loved it and was enlightened with the thought. It made him smile. Seeing that Khush was confused by his sudden change of heart, he wanted Harry to explain it in English.

Harry thought for a moment and recited the translation.

Why love one when God is present in every one of us

Every religion in the world has decreed thus

“I agree,” said Khush.

“I know that you actually practice this. That’s why I asked Shom to learn from you. Shom, tu Khush ho ja,” concluded Harry.


To be continued…




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