S1E40: Swapna Reclaims Harry

Recap S1E39 Coffee, Tea or Sweety? :

Shom wakes up to find Anita doing a Zumba workout in her shorts. Feeling embarrassed at having failed her the previous night, he wonders why she has fallen for him over much younger men.

Anita’s reply energises him. Describing him as a stud, she finds him much sexier than men of her age. She also reveals that she is a managing partner at a spa.

After dropping Anita home, Shom and Khush meet up with Harry at the Golf Club. Shom feels guilty about loving a teenager and seeks Harry’s counsel in the matter.

Reassuring Shom, Harry tells him to let go of insecurity and surrender to fate. Love is about purity and not about the age difference between partners.

Summing up his argument, Harry recites a poem about loving everyone because God is present in each one of us; a fact that has been emphasised by all religions.

Harry looked a bit concerned about advocate Shyam Joothmalani having taken up Rathin Nandi’s case.

“We must study the case thoroughly,” said Harry, looking at Khush.

“When do you think will the hearing come up?” asked Khush.

“It won’t be long like most other cases; Shyam is a big-timer and there would be a lot of pressure from Nandi who is behind bars.”

“Rathin Nandi vs Raima Sengupta is going to be a big sensation and it will consume all of us. Shyam only takes up high profile cases with lots of drama and media coverage.”

“There’s no denying that.”

Harry’s phone began to ring. It was Swapna.

“Oh my, I forgot to call back Swapna; she will be mad at me.”

“What’s the matter? You don’t ever call and now you don’t even call back,” asked Swapna as Harry answered her call.

“What’s the update on Raima?” enquired Harry. “No, not on the phone; tell me face to face. I will come over to your house.”

Harry left for Swapna’s house as Raima and Natasha were expected to be at his that night. As he was on his way, his mind was racing.

Swapna was the most unassuming person he had come across. Her beauty lay in her subtlety and genuine nature. She never tried to prove a point. She expected to be believed without trying to convince. A close study of her expressions would reveal the purity within. For that matter, even when she climaxed, there were no sighs, her lips would part sensuously instead. Her rapid breathing and the intense pleasure on her face would make Harry explode almost immediately.

When Harry reached her house on Napean Sea Road, she was waiting to confront him.

“You don’t seem to miss me at all. What do I do about my needs? You got me out of the dildo obsession and now you want me to get back to it?” She pushed him on to the bed and stripped him.

Before Harry knew it, his was completely immersed in the warmth of her mouth. She then came on top of him and as he stiffened, she got him to enter her. Harry didn’t know what was going. He was in bliss as she continued to pound him till she climaxed.

A smile broke out on her face, which conveyed all. She now continued at a more loving pace. Harry loved the upward strokes with the belly button lift exercise he performed at the gym. He joined her in her second climax. It’s probably in quicker succession in men, he thought.

Swapna was the opposite of Natasha and more like Raima. She had a higher proportion of male hormones like most aggressive types. That made it possible for her to be both, father and mother to her child. Moreover, she needed a firm approach to run the family business effectively.

Harry’s mind went back to the time when he fell in love with Swapna. Only Swapna knew about his past. They were soul mates who couldn’t marry each other due to family pressure on Swapna to marry into a rich business family.

They sat on the couch in her bedroom and gazed at one another as if there was no tomorrow. After several minutes of silence, Harry expressed his sentiments.

I lay my head on the pillow as you came charging at me

All at once, all over me, bursting with energy

Harsh, yet gentle; agitated, yet calm; relaxed, yet taut

Celebrating the union my body had always sought

Every pore ecstatic, every pore reeling with pleasure

Every moment of togetherness, a moment to treasure

In your hands, in your mouth, I lay there completely aroused

You inflamed my desires, they peeked, before the fire was doused

“Was this love?” he asked rhetorically and continued.

The gleam in your eyes says it all as we sit face-to face

Smiling away for no reason, our eyes locked in an embrace

A connection from the beyond is what my heart can feel

Our expressions speak an emotion we cannot conceal

There was a compelling desire to do what came to pass

For, into the realm of the unknown, love must trespass

Why must love be unreasonable, with a mind of its own?

Because love stands by itself, for reasons known to love alone.


To be continued…




  • Saroj Deepak 8th November 2018 (11:46 am)

    Nice story

  • Riya Sen 8th November 2018 (12:10 pm)

    That court case will make the story more interesting.

    • Tapan Ghosh 8th November 2018 (2:43 pm)

      Sure enough Riya,I am thoroughly enjoying writing it and you know what. I’m not able to finish the court case in just one episode. I’ll need two episodes as there are too many twists and turns. Thanks for reading. God bless

  • Bhavya 8th November 2018 (6:10 pm)

    I’m really enjoying Swapna and Harry’s equation, and also can’t wait to kNow what happens about the court case..❤

  • Tapan Ghosh 8th November 2018 (10:07 pm)

    Wow! You have a whole a lot of suspense to look forward to in my writing. Most of the times even I’m surprised as my characters have all the freedom to behave in their way they’re all real characters. Let’s wait and watch. I love to write for people like you. God bless

  • Sheetal sinha 9th November 2018 (12:53 am)

    Heading towards a beautiful turn😍😍

    • Tapan Ghosh 13th November 2018 (5:48 am)

      Sure enough Sheetal there are a whole lot of twists and turns to follow this Thursday. Good reading. God bless

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    A beautiful lead in the story on the board sir!

  • Tapan Ghosh 13th November 2018 (5:52 am)

    Thank you Swetam I am looking forward to your reactions after you read the court case this Thursday. God bless