S1E4 – You’re In Love Only If You Love Yourself


Recap [S1E3] Are Shom & Raima really in love? : Raima is hassled about life in general. Shom calms her down and reasons with her that our attitude determines our outlook to life. What we consider bad experience actually teaches us a lot. While good experience can make us complacent. All it calls for is love and understanding.


Still sitting at the bar, Raima looked preoccupied in with her thoughtful self.

Shom: Hey, what’s up? Still sad?

Raima: (Thinking) I’m in a good mood now, ab to mai naam kamaungee (I am going to earn name and recognition now).

Raima: No, I am not, why do you say that?

Shom: Hmm, well you are in a world of your own. I am sure there’s a lot going on in that beautifully intriguing brain!

Raima: (Thinking) Ye sach hai (This is true), I am ambitious.

Raima: No, I am just overworked. It’s perhaps the stress, nothing else.

Shom: So am I, everyone is living a life of struggles. But you are so engrossed in yourself! You can’t look beyond your nose!

Raima: (Thinking) What now, ek naya aarope (one more blame!) 

Raima: (Anguished) You are in one of your nasty moods again!

Shom: My moods are at your command my lady. But I think you are in love with yourself.

Raima smiles and she sees Shom thrilled to see her smile, a smile that broadens to Shom’s delight.

Shom: Ab to zahir hai. Tu to muhabat karti hai. Apne aap se (It is evident now that you do love yourself).

Raima blushes and Shom clearly adores that.

Shom: Apne aap se pyaar karnaa koi jurm nahi hai. Jab Khud se hi pyar na karogi, to doosre se khak karogi (Loving oneself is not an atrocity! To love someone else, you first ought to love yourself).

Lost in a thousand thoughts, Raima becomes emotional, delves deeper into her mind and smiles delicately.

Dil karta hai hawaa me jhuloon
Dil karta hai aasmaan ko chuloon
Roke se bhi na ruk paaungi
Chhoone se main pighal jaaungi
Na kaato mere pankhon ko aaj
Ho gayi hai mujhe khud se mohabbat baapaak

(I wish the winds blow me away,
In the wide open sky, I wish to sway
Nothing can bring my stride to halt,
A feather’s touch and I shall melt,
Deprive me not, of my fluttering wings,
An endless hymn of self-love, I desire to sing….)

Shom: Wah wah aadaab! (Praising and humming along)

Chand lamhon ki yeh teri zindagi hai
Har ek pal jo tune ro ke kaati hai
Muddaton ke baad yeh ehsaas aaya hai
Aansuon ko chhod mohabbat ko payaa hai
Na chheen sake koi bhi yeh pal humse aaj
Jee lene do har pal khushiyon ke saath
Kyunki ho gayi hai tujhe khud se mohobbat baapaak

(These bygone moments, the gone by life,
Have been for you, a path of ceaseless strife,
A consciousness awakened and I realise
After seas of tears, in love I find reprise,
Even the destiny bows in front of this moment,
As we live in this melodious present,
You are in love with yourself, at last….)

Shom and Raima are in a very romantic mood, lost in each other’s gaze, while the background music added to the spell of the rising romance.

Raima: (Thoroughly enjoying the rhythm) Please make it louder, should we dance?

Shom: Sure, what’s more precious than a moment of absolute surrender to my lady’s

Taking her lovingly by her hand, and swaying swiftly out of the bar, Shom and Roma together merged with the music.



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