S1E16: Shom and Raima Set Off from Khandala

Recap S1E15 Sugar DaddyShom and Raima get physical on the ride to Khandala. But passion has to wait as they discover that they don’t have protection. Raima clears Shom’s misconception of her being an escort. She thinks of herself as a liberated woman and takes pride in not being dependent on a man. She reads Shom like a book and finds him to be a sensitive man but conscious of his well-established image. Shom offers to compensate her for her company but Raima refuses. For her, it is the quality time they spend together that matters. 

Shom decided to leave for Mumbai immediately, considering the return journey would take longer because of the peak evening traffic they would hit after they crossed New Bombay. Back in the cosy Land Yacht after the heavy meal at Duke’s Retreat, Shom and Raima stripped down to their undergarments for an afternoon nap. Observing her svelte body, her shapely legs and her curvy butt, he couldn’t resist making a pass. She blushed and went to lie down on the bed separate from his.

Shom was watching Madonna on the TV that swivelled out from the side of the door but was thinking of Raima’s beautiful body. He longed to sneak into bed with her. The next thing he knew, he could feel her warmth and her fragrance. She was actually there, cuddled up with him under the quilt. He had no idea how she got there. She must have slipped in after he had dozed off. When he turned to face her, she was fast asleep. Her body rose and fell gently, her face small and innocent. All of a sudden he felt a protective instinct towards her. Lying there in his arms, she slept like a baby. Very carefully he tried to pull out of her grip. She wouldn’t let go.

“Don’t leave me,” she said in a sleepy tone.

“Of course not.” He laughed. “Are you awake? I was going to make you a cup of coffee.” He looked around for the coffee maker and found it beside the pull-out table. The settings were already configured and it was all set to go at the press of a switch. As the coffee was brewing, his eyes fell on a packet of joints that smelt like the green grass of home. He lit one and took a deep drag, he needed it.

“You’re smoking up? That’s weed!” exclaimed Raima, her voice still husky from sleeping. She extended her arms and eased the joint from his fingers into hers; her nipples brushing against his back. She took a long drag and inhaled, as if she was an old hand at it.

“This is very bad. You shouldn’t do this,” Shom said and she laughed.

“So many girls my age smoke pot. I am more surprised you do too,” she said, shaking her finger at him. “I wanted to smoke up as well but didn’t dare to suggest it.”

She picked up the packet lying by his side and boldly lit another joint. The atmosphere got electric, as did the music. She dragged Shom to his feet and started dancing. Swaying to the music, they laughed while jiving, doing the samba and then, just dirty dancing. Raima pushed Shom onto the bed and he fell, pulling her with him. She landed on top and then he rolled over her. As he quickly got up to get the condoms, he saw her eyeing his body and his bulge inside his underwear. He was eager to get the condom out but the foil refused to rip.

“Indian packing,” he cursed, as his bulge started getting smaller. She noticed and giggled. He feasted his eyes on her sultry looks and once again, the bulge grew and he pulled off his underwear and dragged on the condom. She suddenly seemed shy, trying to cover her eyes and her gaping mouth with her palms. With tender but strong hands, Shom massaged her entire body. She cooed and he knew she loved it. Then applying lubricant inside her, he used his right thumb to caress the button and pushed two of his fingers inside her. His thumb and fingers moved in quick rhythm to the music. He made her moan with intense pleasure and she ejaculated a small amount of a clear white fluid. He wondered whether it was a G-spot orgasm.

Slowly he entered her; watching her expressions closely to ensure he wasn’t hurting her. As he moved faster and faster, she began to moan again. She pulled his head down, grabbing his mouth to hers and mingled her tongue with his.

“More, more, harder, haardaaa, haaaaaaaard…” she cried, stopping only to gasp for breath. Then as the blood rushed to her head and she emitted an exhausted moan, she was done. He pulled out since he didn’t want to force her to continue and started wanking with his hand.

“Don’t. Just enter me. I need more.” There was urgency in her voice.

He smiled, turned her over and entered her from behind. He knew it was the best position to stimulate the G-spot as the penis presses against the front wall of the vagina, particularly as he was on top and she had a pillow beneath her hips. He went on and on, this time both of them moaned, each getting louder than the other. He was really enjoying the fact that she was going to come the second time.  It gave him immense pleasure. As long as he could truly satisfy a chick, he thought, he was justified in having sex with someone half his age. This gave him a real hard-on. The moaning grew louder and louder and they both exploded together. It was heavenly.


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  • Amanat Ali 1st June 2018 (11:01 am)

    Aey Raimaaa! Aati kya khandalaaa???

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    khandala is the place to be romantic with ur partner.. like shom n raima…

  • Anita 1st June 2018 (11:05 am)

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  • Gunanwita Sinha 2nd June 2018 (10:34 pm)

    Quite well! Eager to see the next part!

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    the most intense episode I must say but written well.. waiting for the next part ♥♥

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    Erotic…😍well,taking us to the roller coaster ride..?
    not bad, not bad!😜

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    Awesome lines and writing the stories
    It was good and easy

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    loved the narration of the incident between shom and riama

  • Sanjiv 6th June 2018 (5:58 pm)

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