• S2E18: Harry and Swapna Break Up

    Swapna and Harry recall their breakup. Harry had said they must not be dependent on each other. This would degrade their love to the level of attachment.

  • S2E16: Harry’s Early Years

    Swapna recalls the time when she and Harry first met. Swapna reminded Harry of Nancy, an Anglo-Indian girl and his first involvement as a schoolboy.

  • Love is Liberating, While Attachment is Controlling

    0  Love is liberating, while attachment is controlling Love is mutual growth and attachment is hampering Attachment is transient, whereas love is everlasting Love is ego-reducing, attachment is ego-boosting Attachment is from the mind and love from the heart To vanquish the attachment for love, just stay apart 0

  • S2E02: Raima, the Angel

    Everyone gathers in Calcutta to reminisce about Raima. Swapna recalls her association with Harry. Swapna cosies up with Khush while Harry and Aneesha team up.

  • Detached Love | Detached Attachment

    0 Detached Love: Attachment is the one and only hurdle on the path of love. We all can build an emotional immunity to counter attachment, just as we strengthen our physical immunity. You can enjoy attachment by being able to detach willingly. This is detached attachment. The only proof of detachment is the ability to

  • Love is the first casualty of Attachment 💕 Love Quote by Tapan Ghosh

    0 Love is the first casualty of attachment. Pure love remains when you overcome attachment with faith and discipline. 0

  • By making your loved one independent of yourself, you achieve the highest level of love.

    2 Dependence is due to attachment. Love will be unconditional and hence detached love. This love is free not bound by relationship. You are independent and yet in love. This is bliss. 2

  • Understanding Attachment

    Attachment is the cause of all insecurity. Detachment is a gradual process. Salvation is the golden mean between mind and heart; the freedom we yearn for.

  • Faith and discipline will remove both ego and attachment, thereby converting the self- attachment into love.

    0 Your strength is the discipline that will destroy self-attachment with the support of faith from the purity within resulting in Self-Love. 0