• If Your Beliefs Are Biased, They Are Not Yours

    0 1. “If your beliefs are biased, they are not yours.” How do they get biased? Because they have a purpose. What is the purpose? To please others. So it is not to please yourself. Therefore, if your beliefs are biased, they are not yours. 2. “When you start loving yourself, you stop showing off.”

  • Destiny is a fait accompli, have faith in fate.

    0 Destiny is a done deal. It’s not your deal, so why deal. Diwali is a day to spend money for a good cause. Circulation of Laxmi and definitely not by gambling. 0

  • Spiritual love is possible only when you undress your mind.

    0 Being truly in love means sharing your fears, insecurities, vices and more. Basically undressing your mind and sharing your darkest secrets. Connect the minds and bare your souls. 0

  • You can control your mind if you don’t allow others to control you.

    0 A mind is powerful for it can do so much more! If you don’t allow it to be pressurised by others. This peer pressure causes anxiety that consumes most of the brain power. Instead listen to others by all means, but use only what you think is good, junk the rest to be at