english poetry

  • Two Strangers Met | Romantic Poetry by Tapan Ghosh

    Two strangers met and lost themselves to each other
    When love calls, the heart looks no further

  • Marriage Vows by Tapan Ghosh

    0 1. Marriage Vows by Tapan Ghosh: ‘Till death do us part’, this promise needs to be modified Only if you are with her, till her end, is the vow justified Your commitment remains, till the last day of her life Don’t relinquish this responsibility, towards your wife Make yourself worthy of her, stay healthy

  • Knowledge And Wisdom | The Key To Contentment

    0 1. Knowledge is the bank of information stored in your brain Wisdom is how wisely you use the information you obtain Knowledge is not taken at face value but gained from experience Wisdom is knowledge that has on you a positive influence The source of knowledge is the decider Whereas wisdom is a judgement

  • When I Was Not With Myself | Faith In Fate | Motivational Poetry

    0 When I was not with myself, I was with no one. When I was not with myself, I did not trust a soul. I only pretended. Because I wanted to be seen as doing so. I did not want anybody to think negatively about me. I realised that I was under some kind of

  • Love Needs No Working On, Relationships Do | Love Vs Relationship

    0 Love needs no working on, relationships do. In a relationship, you have to think. Thinking is the starting point of all debates. Thinking is to do with worldly ways. For instance, when you have to go out, you think about how you will dress and how you will behave in the company of others.

  • When The Smile Goes Unnoticed | Very Heart Touching Lines

    0 Love goes unreciprocated when the smile goes unnoticed. When someone smiles, the thing you automatically do is, smile back. This reaction is spontaneous. A smile is the first sign of love. So when it goes unnoticed, the opportunity is lost. Sadly, love is nipped in the bud. 0

  • Love is Liberating, While Attachment is Controlling

    0  Love is liberating, while attachment is controlling Love is mutual growth and attachment is hampering Attachment is transient, whereas love is everlasting Love is ego-reducing, attachment is ego-boosting Attachment is from the mind and love from the heart To vanquish the attachment for love, just stay apart 0

  • When We Lose Faith and Our Confidence Is Shattered

    0 When we lose faith and our confidence is shattered We have lost control, which was all that mattered The right thing to do is exercise control over what is left Take charge of ourselves and do our best Not ask for sympathy, disconnect the mind from the rest Avail of this opportunity to put

  • Balance Life, Have Fun, Be a Flirt | Motivational Video To Live Life

    0 Balance life, have fun, be a flirt Yet stay calm, composed, always alert. Bring the heart and mind together Like a boxer and his manager Balancing the heart and mind all alone Multitasking, killing two birds with a stone The camera doesn’t matter, facing life is an act Believe in yourself, keep the faith

  • Life is Indeed a Strange Game | Motivational Video for Success in Life

    0 Life is indeed a strange game There is a loss in every gain Of every defeat make the best use Because you also gain when you lose Ups and downs, turns and tosses Bigger the gains, greater the losses Don’t be anxious and aimlessly run around Turn the tide by changing the battle ground

  • Love is Passion And Passion Is Love 💕 Beautiful Love Poetry

    0 Passion is the madness that overcomes you when you make yourself limitless You are blessed if your passions are broadband and far from narrowness How can your passions be limited unless you are heartless? You can be passionate about anything and everything regardless When passion becomes the ultimate expression of love with willingness Love

  • SEASON 2 – Two Cities of Joy

    To manage a wife and a beloved, man must strike the golden mean, only possible by detaching oneself from the two and living for love in nothingness.