When You Fall In Love | Romantic Poetry by Tapan Ghosh

1. When you fall in love, you are bound to get attached You are enslaved, but better off being detached Easy to say, difficult to comprehend It takes a lifetime to understand love, my friend Little do we know that love is not with a person, but the purity within Nor do we look for […]

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Do Ajnabi Aise Mile | Dil Ki Baatein | Heart Touching Shayari

Do ajnabi aise mile, ke udd gaye donon ke hosh Baaton mein tha wo asar, zindagi ne paaya naya josh Duniya ke zulm-o-sitam say dono ne paayi raahat Samaaj ki paabandiyaan theen, dil mein aazaadi ka aakrosh Zamaane ki nazron se dur, milay, jaise juda na thay Jahan koi ungli na utthe, lagay na unpe […]

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Love is Liberating, While Attachment is Controlling

 Love is liberating, while attachment is controlling Love is mutual growth and attachment is hampering Attachment is transient, whereas love is everlasting Love is ego-reducing, attachment is ego-boosting Attachment is from the mind and love from the heart To vanquish the attachment for love, just stay apart

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