Love yourself

  • When You Start Loving Yourself, You Stop Showing Off

    0 When you start loving yourself, you stop showing off. When you start loving yourself, it does not matter what others think of you. So you stop trying to influence them. You don’t seek opinions. Quite simply, you stop showing off. 0

  • Understanding Attachment

    Attachment is the cause of all insecurity. Detachment is a gradual process. Salvation is the golden mean between mind and heart; the freedom we yearn for.

  • Only when you love yourself do you feel divinity in all creation.

    0 Loving ourselves amounts to loving our inner self or our alter ego. Most us of are unaware of its existence or refuse to acknowledge it. The alter ego and ego are at daggers drawn till such time that we are wise enough to convert them to faith and discipline respectively. By doing so, we

  • S1E4 – You’re In Love Only If You Love Yourself

    We all get so caught up with our life that we fail to realise that we ourselves are the most important person in our own life. We can love others only when we appreciate our true worth and love ourselves. Raima realises this, much to Shom’s delight.