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An Anglo-Indian in Love: Book (Short Story)

A young man and an older woman from diverse backgrounds are thrown together in Calcutta of the 1950s. Love blossoms but they must overcome the barriers that could pull them apart.Trapped in an abusive marriage, Cindy represents the dilemma of the Anglo-Indians who felt a sense of loss of identity after the British left India. And Dilip, both hero and toughie, must overcome his traumatic past.Will circumstances allow love to prevail? Read on only if you believe that true love is causeless.

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S1E9 – Harry, The Love Guru

Raima unburdens herself after narrating the attempted rape incident from her childhood to Harry. She thinks of him as the father she's never had; her biological father having passed away when she was three years old. Harry advises her to busy herself with work to keep her mind from worrying excessively about Shom. However, he can't help but give expression to the intense nature of the relationship between Raima and Shom. It takes a pure heart to understand love, the kind Raima and Shom possess, he says.

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Profound Love Quotes | Best Romantic Quotes Tapan Ghosh

True love is not reciprocal! This sounds incredible but that’s the power of love. It needs no reciprocation. Tapan Ghosh comes up with a new take on a subject we thought we knew everything about.

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