• Only When You Are Unconventional Will You Stand Out

    0 “The unconventional does not make a difference, it makes all the difference.” Conventional thoughts are known to everyone. Only when you are unconventional will you stand out. Because unconventional thoughts are pure. Beauty does not lie in models, because they are conventional. Unconventional is where the beauty lies. And that is what makes all

  • Are We Balanced?

    Every object in the universe is balanced. However, the imbalance between our free mind and controlled mind is the cause of natural calamities and disharmony.

  • We talk about freedom but when you get it the struggle begins, the one with your mind.

    0 Freedom as we generally perceive, is merely talk. Real freedom is freedom from insecurity, fear and guilt. All of this is in your mind and not your heart. The tussle is between the two and when you call it a truce are you free to be what you choose. 0