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  • If Your Beliefs Are Biased, They Are Not Yours

    0 1. “If your beliefs are biased, they are not yours.” How do they get biased? Because they have a purpose. What is the purpose? To please others. So it is not to please yourself. Therefore, if your beliefs are biased, they are not yours. 2. “When you start loving yourself, you stop showing off.”

  • Trust Yourself To Trust Others | When I Was Not With Myself

    0 “Trust yourself to trust others.” If you don’t trust yourself, you are not trustworthy. If you are not trustworthy, how will you expect others to be trustworthy? If you don’t trust anybody, who will you trust? If you can’t take a decision based on trust, how will you move forward? So it all starts

  • Knowledge And Wisdom | The Key To Contentment

    0 1. Knowledge is the bank of information stored in your brain Wisdom is how wisely you use the information you obtain Knowledge is not taken at face value but gained from experience Wisdom is knowledge that has on you a positive influence The source of knowledge is the decider Whereas wisdom is a judgement

  • Break Free From Your Old Beliefs

    0 Accepting something that is contrary to your beliefs demands great discipline. Not to mention belief in yourself. We all are brought up with dos and don’ts, and therefore with strong beliefs. As we grow older, these beliefs come in the way of our accepting new learnings. Our mind is already filled with old beliefs.

  • God Has Given Us Life To Make The Most Of It

    0 “We deny ourselves much, not realising that much of it is divine.” There are many things in life we want to do, but we don’t, because we are told that God will not like it. As we grow older, we realise that whatever we wanted to do was what God wanted us to do

  • Only When You Are Unconventional Will You Stand Out

    0 “The unconventional does not make a difference, it makes all the difference.” Conventional thoughts are known to everyone. Only when you are unconventional will you stand out. Because unconventional thoughts are pure. Beauty does not lie in models, because they are conventional. Unconventional is where the beauty lies. And that is what makes all

  • When You Lose Confidence And Faith in God | Motivational Video

    0 “His blessings are always in disguise. They manifest themselves only during a conflict.” When in a conflict, there are times when you lose confidence. You lose faith in God. You unnecessarily trouble yourself because you have stopped trusting God, who is right inside you. Only when you realise this, do you apply yourself to

  • Memory Of An Incident Is Dearer Than The Moment Itself

    0 Let’s defy space and time to make enjoyable moments last forever. When we have all the time in the world, we spend it with our dear ones. Yet this time is never enough. Enjoyable moments may be fleeting, but if we internalise them, they are forever. Because the memory of an incident is dearer

  • Bhale Hi Zaroorat Se Aayein Hon | Dil Ki Baatein | Hindi Motivational Poem

    0 Bhale hi zaroorat se aayein hon lekin, bin zaroorat ke jaana hai Yahi pyaar karnewaalon ki kahaani hai, dilwaalon ka fasaana hai Paagal na kaho usay, jo dimmagh ki kahi ansuni kar de Akalmand wohi hai, jo apne dil ki sunay, duniya se begaana hai Aaye laakh Sikandar, zameen, maal aur daulat ke shikaari

  • The Process of Detachment | Unconditional Love

    0 The process of detachment is free for all, yet, the most rewarding. This process may be free but comes at a great cost. Because getting rid of attachment, cannot be done by cutting off all ties. You will only be suppressing it. This is a gradual and taxing process which demands the most disciplined

  • Learn From Dogs | Life Lessons From Dogs

    0 Dogs are in the unique position of being close to both God and man. Hence, a lot can be learnt from them. Dogs can be considered close to God because God has given them several good characteristics. Dogs are loyal and they wag their tail when happy. Dogs are hardworking, hence the expression, he

  • When I Was Not With Myself | Faith In Fate | Motivational Poetry

    0 When I was not with myself, I was with no one. When I was not with myself, I did not trust a soul. I only pretended. Because I wanted to be seen as doing so. I did not want anybody to think negatively about me. I realised that I was under some kind of