• Dil Aur Kashish | True Love | Love Poetry | Philosophy of Love | Romantic Poetry

    Kisi ke dil ke andar jhank sako to jaanoon
    Andar ki khudai se rishta jord sako to maanoon

  • True Love | Love Poetry | Philosophy of Love | Romantic Poetry

    Koi hadsa hona zaruri hai, aitbaar ke liye
    Aitbaar hona zaruri hai, asardaar ke liye

  • Two Strangers Met | Romantic Poetry by Tapan Ghosh

    Two strangers met and lost themselves to each other
    When love calls, the heart looks no further

  • Jis Hadd Se Hum Guzar Rahe Hain | Hindi Shayari

    0 Jis hadd se hum guzar rahe hain, uss mein khudgarzi hai chhupi Jo ho raha hai uss mein Uparwaale ki marzi hai chhupi Dekh rahaa hoon uski taraf, shaayad wo mujhpar karam kar de Meri har nigaah mein, meri iltijaah, meri arzi hai chhupi 0

  • When I Was Not With Myself | Faith In Fate | Motivational Poetry

    0 When I was not with myself, I was with no one. When I was not with myself, I did not trust a soul. I only pretended. Because I wanted to be seen as doing so. I did not want anybody to think negatively about me. I realised that I was under some kind of

  • Life is Indeed a Strange Game | Motivational Video for Success in Life

    0 Life is indeed a strange game There is a loss in every gain Of every defeat make the best use Because you also gain when you lose Ups and downs, turns and tosses Bigger the gains, greater the losses Don’t be anxious and aimlessly run around Turn the tide by changing the battle ground

  • Ek Akela, Duniya Par Bhaari | Hindi Shayari by Tapan Ghosh

    0 Jab choron ka hi raaj hona hai, to ek behtar darjanon se Imaandaar chor ziyaada kaam ka, beimaan sajjanon se Chhe chhabeele Dheele dheele Panch panchayat Kabhi na sehmat Chandaal chowkdi Bin maqsad-naukri Teen tigaada Kaam bigaada Do bechaare Bina sahaare Ek akela Rahi albela Manzil par rakhe nazar Na ruke kabhi kidhar Ek

  • Her Unintended Smile | Love Poem by Tapan Ghosh

    0 Her unintended smile just appeared and vanished All her dreams lay shattered and life tarnished Little did she know her dreams were intact Stay in your dreams as reality is not a fact Reality is an illusion the mind perceives While truth lies in what the heart conceives Relationships are bonds that leave the

  • Mature Love | Love is all the dearer in distance

    0 Mature Love: Love is all the dearer in distance. Love is purer in solitude; physical presence is just a reality check. Solitude is not when you are alone. Solitude is when you are with yourself. Often, the memory of an incident is dearer than the moment itself. Cherish memories because they transport us from

  • Happy Valentine’s Day 2019 | Romantic Poem by Tapan Ghosh

    0 You are on my mind, saara din full time Kya tum mere luck me ho, will you be mine Mere sawaal ka jawaab is all in your hands Will you be my girl, my love? my valentine? 0

  • An adventurer is a risk-taker…

    0 An adventurer is a risk-taker at heart His love for the unknown sets him apart   Bigger the adventure, greater the excitement Sharper the conflict, deeper the enlightenment   There is no adventure greater than love Deeper than the ocean, endless like the sky above   Love is as thrilling as a roller-coaster ride

  • Faith in Fate | Motivational Video

    0 Faith in fate is self-contradictory. You either have faith in yourself, Or be subject to fait accompli; It’s a paradox because you are your fate. The planetary positions when you are born, Determine your nature and trait; Your fate, your destiny, is the real you, Have faith in yourself, love yourself, There is no