• Marriage Vows by Tapan Ghosh

    0 1. Marriage Vows by Tapan Ghosh: ‘Till death do us part’, this promise needs to be modified Only if you are with her, till her end, is the vow justified Your commitment remains, till the last day of her life Don’t relinquish this responsibility, towards your wife Make yourself worthy of her, stay healthy

  • S2E18: Harry and Swapna Break Up

    Swapna and Harry recall their breakup. Harry had said they must not be dependent on each other. This would degrade their love to the level of attachment.

  • Love Needs No Working On, Relationships Do | Love Vs Relationship

    0 Love needs no working on, relationships do. In a relationship, you have to think. Thinking is the starting point of all debates. Thinking is to do with worldly ways. For instance, when you have to go out, you think about how you will dress and how you will behave in the company of others.

  • Jo shakhs bharosemand ho ❤️ Heart Touching Hindi Shayari

    0 Jo shakhs bharosemand ho, uspe bharosa nahin kiya jaata Bharosa wo amrit hai jo har kisi se nahin piya jaata Maana ke gham deti hai, jeena mushkil ho jaata hai Muhaubat wo balaa hai jiske baghair nahin jiya jaata Ye dil ka maamla hai, koi bazaar ki saudebaazi nahin Kisi ka dil paane ki

  • Love Makes You Speak The Truth | Conflict Reveals The Truth

    0 Conflict reveals the truth as much as truth reveals conflict. 0

  • S2E02: Raima, the Angel

    Everyone gathers in Calcutta to reminisce about Raima. Swapna recalls her association with Harry. Swapna cosies up with Khush while Harry and Aneesha team up.

  • A Breakup Happens Not in Love, Only in a Relationship

    0 A breakup happens not in love, only in a relationship Love is eternal, it offers a lifetime of membership A relationship can turn sour due to an attachment But love only grows and thrives with detachment Love is not with a person but with the divinity within It’s in everyone, you only have to

  • Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham | Motivational Hindi Poem

    0 Kabhi khushi, kabhi gham Yehi zindagi hai sanam Utaar chadhaav to hona hi hai Paane ke liye khona bhi hai Agar zindagi sirf gham ho Jiska dard kabhi na kam ho Zindagi ban jaaye bemaani Aansoon ki anmit kahaani Aur agar zindagi sirf khushi ho Koi na kabhi dukhi ho Chayn aur sukoon ka

  • S1E59: Harry Continues with the Saga of Cindy and Dilip

    Harry continues his recollection of the Cindy-Dilip love story. The family of Dilip’s childhood friend Liora migrated to Israel. Cindy and Dilip got together.

  • Mature Love | Love is all the dearer in distance

    0 Mature Love: Love is all the dearer in distance. Love is purer in solitude; physical presence is just a reality check. Solitude is not when you are alone. Solitude is when you are with yourself. Often, the memory of an incident is dearer than the moment itself. Cherish memories because they transport us from

  • Understanding Attachment

    Attachment is the cause of all insecurity. Detachment is a gradual process. Salvation is the golden mean between mind and heart; the freedom we yearn for.

  • Love is the first casualty of attachment. Pure love remains when you overcome attachment with faith and discipline.

    0 Love is the first casualty of attachment. Pure love remains when you overcome attachment with faith and discipline. 0