When You Fall In Love | Romantic Poetry by Tapan Ghosh

1. When you fall in love, you are bound to get attached You are enslaved, but better off being detached Easy to say, difficult to comprehend It takes a lifetime to understand love, my friend Little do we know that love is not with a person, but the purity within Nor do we look for […]

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Love is Passion And Passion Is Love πŸ’• Beautiful Love Poetry

Passion is the madness that overcomes you when you make yourself limitless You are blessed if your passions are broadband and far from narrowness How can your passions be limited unless you are heartless? You can be passionate about anything and everything regardless When passion becomes the ultimate expression of love with willingness Love too […]

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Dil Laga Raha Hoon, Kahin To Behel Jaayega

Saare din acche rahe, to burre din kaun seh payega Burre din jhelkar hi acche dinon ka mazaa aayega Sona ho ya insaan, aag mein tapkar hi nikharta hai Manzil paane ki khushi hogi jab safar aazmaayega Haalaan ke hum ab pehle ki taraah nahin milenge Har chehre mein lekin, uska chehra muskuraayega Duniya se, […]

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