sexual harassment

  • S2E04: Calling a Blackmailer’s Bluff

    Khush recalls the time he saved his friend from being blackmailed for adultery. The extortionist was jailed after the court ruled adultery was not an offence.

  • Wo Mardangi Kya Jo Mard Aurat Par Azmaye?

    0 Jo aurat par mardangi zahir karne ki zehmat karte hain Wo mard aksar namardon si harqat karte hain Mard agar shaktimaan hai to aurat mahaan hai Mard balwaan hai, to aurat utni hi buddhimaan hai Wo mardangi kya jo mard aurat par azmaye? Aisa namard bhi kya mard kehlaye? Khud ko mard kehalane wale

  • S1E37: Raima’s #MeToo Moment

    Raima gets an unexpected visitor when, after an evening out with Natasha, her rapist uncle Rathin Pal gets into her car by stealth. Accusing her of illicit conduct, he threatens to tell the family what she has been up to with Natasha.
    On the pretext of driving her uncle back to his hotel, she speeds off to the nearest police station, accuses him of raping her and with some help from Khush, get him behind bars. It is her Me Too moment.
    Later, she and Natasha meet up with Harry and Khush to give them a blow-by-blow account of all that transpired that evening.

  • S1E8 – Raima’s Justice

    Raima has just got an influential builder convicted for attempted rape. Her determination comes from a traumatic childhood incident when she had been sexually assaulted by her uncle. Saving her dress as evidence, she had forced her uncle to mend his ways in return for silence.

  • Rapists at Large

    0 We live in troubled times. While there have been tremendous advances in many other spheres, our approach towards women remains in the Dark Ages. Our mind-sets haven’t changed despite the free flow of modern technology and influences from across the globe. We still consider women as objects of sex. The gender inequality and male