Shom and Raima

  • S1E52: Self-indulgence

    After Nancy’s departure, self-indulgence was the only way out for Harry. He became a Peeping Tom, spy on his uncle and aunt, and fantasise about his aunt.

  • S1E15: Sugar Daddy

    Shom and Raima get to know each other physically and intellectually on the way to Khandala. Raima surprises Shom with her attitude and the ability to read him. She clears Shom’s misconceptions about her being an escort and Shom admits to being conscious of his well-established image.

  • S1E14: Shom and Raima: The Only Way Out

    Shom and Raima finally meet. Shom discovers that Raima is much younger and far too attractive than he had expected. Raima thinks of Shom as nice-looking and decent. Knowing that he has to remain faceless, he calls for the Land Yacht – the luxurious van that whisks them away to Khandala for some much-needed privacy.

  • S1E13: Shom and Raima, alias Sara

    0 ——————- Recap [S1E12] – Faceless On Facebook: Everyone is keen to know how Shom and Raima first met. Raima tells them that it happened on Facebook, when she was looking for some change in her life. Operating under an alias, Sara, ensured that she remained faceless during the initial interaction. Shom adds that this

  • S1E12: Faceless on Facebook

    The mystery of how Shom and Raima first met is finally revealed. And Shom has their Facebook conversations on his phone for all to read. He gets nostalgic about the past and breaks into a song.

  • S1E11 – A Flirt or A Love Guru?

    It was like Raima pulling away her dad from her mom, she thought. She realised that they were almost behaving like husband and wife, or worse! The living together types. Khush observed the proceedings keenly. He was keeping tabs on Swapna, how gracefully she was projecting her curvaceous body. She carried herself with great dignity. Her lips had character. Firm and desirable! She certainly was the right choice for Harry. They would make a perfect match, he thought.

  • S1E10 – Godfather or Love Guru

    Harry, Raima, Shom, Khush, Swapna and Natasha are together again. Raima and Shom feel that the other has changed in recent times. Harry steps in as a love guru and analyses the situation correctly. He feels that true love only matures with time. Only the outward behaviour changes according to the situation. That happens because the purity of the heart has to often yield to social norms. The love guru suggests that the best way forward is to balance the two. Only then can bliss be attained, he says.

  • S1E9 – Harry, The Love Guru

    Raima unburdens herself after narrating the attempted rape incident from her childhood to Harry. She thinks of him as the father she’s never had; her biological father having passed away when she was three years old. Harry advises her to busy herself with work to keep her mind from worrying excessively about Shom. However, he can’t help but give expression to the intense nature of the relationship between Raima and Shom. It takes a pure heart to understand love, the kind Raima and Shom possess, he says.

  • S1E7 – Holi Ho!

    It’s Holi, the perfect time for Harry to meet up with his friends Shom, Raima, Khush, Swapna and Natasha. Everyone is in high spirits with the food, sweets and bhang. Shom and Raima, who have been apart for a while, find the time to be with one another. Shom clears Raima’s misconceptions about bhang, ‘the drink of the gods’, as he describes it. Shom thinks Raima is being materialistic but she reassures him that all she wants is to be with him. Love triumphs as they express their feelings for each other.

  • S1E6 – Spiritual Love Is Possible Only When You Undress Your Mind

    Shom and Raima discover that words become redundant when love rises to a spiritual level. A mere glance is enough to convey everything. This is possible only when you open yourself completely to your soulmate. The result is sheer bliss.

  • S1E5 – True Love Is Not Bound By A Relationship, Nor Is It Defined By One

    The love that soulmates have for one another is like free-flowing water. It is neither bound by, nor defined by a relationship. It adapts itself to the situation. That’s why it is true love, like the love Shom and Raima have for each other.

  • S1E4 – You’re In Love Only If You Love Yourself

    We all get so caught up with our life that we fail to realise that we ourselves are the most important person in our own life. We can love others only when we appreciate our true worth and love ourselves. Raima realises this, much to Shom’s delight.