Short Story by Tapan Ghosh

  • S2E44: My Swapna

    Harry and Swapna part. They decide not be dependent on each other, as in an attachment. It is not a breakup, which happens only in an attachment, not in love.

  • S2E40: Worli-Bandra Sea Link

    With Anita, Shamiq discovers his physical abilities to be a giver. At Anu-Sanjib’s party, Harry talks about using stimulants to relieve the pressures of life.

  • S2E18: Harry and Swapna Break Up

    Swapna and Harry recall their breakup. Harry had said they must not be dependent on each other. This would degrade their love to the level of attachment.

  • S2E07: Khush Loses Control

    Khush admits to Harry about losing control over himself. Swapna and Aneesha bathe together. Anita’s returns from the airport, having missed her flight.

  • S1E35: Raima Questions Harry

    0 Recap S1E34 Raima Seeks Harry’s Advice : Raima meets up with Harry to confide in him about her love for Natasha and to seek his advice. Harry is unfazed. He advises her to rid herself of guilt and live life to the fullest, away from Shom. Their love for each other will only mature,

  • Dogs Can Smell a Rat


  • S1E31: Natasha and Raima Discover the Dildo

    Afraid of being caught by Swapna for playing with her dildo, Natasha and Raima put it away, only for it to land in a garbage bin and be mistaken for a bomb.

  • S1E26: Raima’s Grief

    Shom found himself in a catch-22 situation. He felt deeply drawn towards Raima, yet was angry with himself for getting into an emotional mess.
    Seeing Raima in a car with a much older man didn’t help matter either. He called her right away and met up with her. The man turned out to be an uncle seeking her help.
    Calling Khush to cover up for him while he was with Raima, Shom discovered that Raima had been with Khush in the past. Khush further cautioned him against revealing too much of himself to Raima.
    Angry with Raima and accusing her of being a professional escort, Shom made her sign an agreement to ensure that he was never exposed to blackmail on her part.

  • S1E25: Shom Meets Aneesha

    On the way back from Harry’s factory, it is Shom’s turn to narrate his side of the story when Raima and Khush had been uncontactable ten years ago.

    Repeated failed attempts at contacting Raima had left him in a state of anxiety. He had even suspected it to be Khush’s ploy to get Raima out of his life.

    In desperation, he had visited one of Khush’s favourite hangouts and drunk himself silly with a shemale acquaintance of Khush.

    Getting through to the driver had only infuriated him further. The driver had driven Khush and Raima to Daman.

    The absence of contact with Raima, the aftereffects of excessive drinking and the driver’s report had been too much for Shom to handle any more.

  • S1E24: Shom with Khush

    Shom and Raima arrive at Harry’s factory. Raima loves the place and asks Harry to show her around.
    Shom and Khush reminisce about the past. Khush reassures Shom that Saif was locked up in a heavily fortified prison with little possibility of breaking free.
    Shom recalls the time when he had passed out on hearing from the driver of the Land Yacht that Khush and Raima had been together.
    On coming around, he had decided to temporarily cut contact with the world and introspect. The soul-searching had made him realise that his love for Raima had to be unconditional. He could not be possessive about her. Attachment and ego would only hurt him.
    His doubts had cleared the next morning when Raima and Khush had turned up at his place.

  • S1E22: Shom and Raima Get Compassionate

    Khush reminisces about his younger days in Daman on a beautiful evening at the deserted Jampore beach with Raima, but she cannot stop thinking of Shom.

  • S1E21: Shom and Raima Have a Tiff

    Raima continues the recollection of her time with Khush. She and Khush head for Jampore beach, Daman after being directed by the vigilance chief to stay on the Land Yacht. She seeks Khush’s help to be with Shom. High on weed, she accuses him of taking advantage of Shom’s goodness. To clear the misunderstanding, Khush is forced to reveal Shom’s identity to Raima. He urges her to move out of Shom’s life. Confronted by this reality, Raima wonders whether she can live without Shom.