Short Story

  • S2E09: Anita Bonds with Harry

    Anita wants to work in Calcutta. Harry suggests that she ally with Natasha. Anita offers Harry a massage. The next morning he gets a start on seeing her.

  • S2E08: One for the Road

    Natasha checks in, leaving Anita stranded. Swapna uses Natasha’s dildo with Aneesha. After everyone leaves, Harry returns home. Anita knocks on his door.

  • S2E07: Khush Loses Control

    Khush admits to Harry about losing control over himself. Swapna and Aneesha bathe together. Anita’s returns from the airport, having missed her flight.

  • S2E06: Anita Pins Down Natasha

    Natasha demands a kiss from Anita who, being physically stronger, settles the score. Khush is attracted to Swapna while Harry has eyes only for Aneesha.

  • S2E05: Like Father, Like Son

    Like his father, Arjun admires Aneesha’s beauty. Anita is trying to recover her dues from the spa that has closed down. Natasha pulls her away for a hard kiss.

  • S2E04: Calling a Blackmailer’s Bluff

    Khush recalls the time he saved his friend from being blackmailed for adultery. The extortionist was jailed after the court ruled adultery was not an offence.

  • S2E03: New Pairings

    Khush and Swapna get together. Harry and Aneesha on the dance floor signal the two to join them. The two couples live it up with some dirty dancing.

  • S2E02: Raima, the Angel

    Everyone gathers in Calcutta to reminisce about Raima. Swapna recalls her association with Harry. Swapna cosies up with Khush while Harry and Aneesha team up.

  • S2E01: Intense Grief and Ultimate Bliss

    Harry doesn’t grieve for Shom and Raima because they haven’t died; only turned a new leaf. He remembers Raima bringing him and Swapna together again.

  • SEASON 2 – Two Cities of Joy

    To manage a wife and a beloved, man must strike the golden mean, only possible by detaching oneself from the two and living for love in nothingness.

  • S1E61: The Last Smile Story

    Shom-Cindy and Raima-Aruna-Dilip are one. Having completed his karma, Shom is liberated. Raima’s smile merges into his and he achieves a state of nothingness.

  • S1E60: The Final Encounter

    Saif holds Raima hostage in Jaipur and leaves her to die. Shom traces Saif and kills him. He assumes Saif’s identity and Suman Bhatia is dead to the world.