Short Story

  • S2E02: Raima, the Angel

    Everyone gathers in Calcutta to reminisce about Raima. Swapna recalls her association with Harry. Swapna cosies up with Khush while Harry and Aneesha team up.

  • S2E01: Intense Grief and Ultimate Bliss

    Harry doesn’t grieve for Shom and Raima because they haven’t died; only turned a new leaf. He remembers Raima bringing him and Swapna together again.

  • SEASON 2 – Two Cities of Joy

    To manage a wife and a beloved, man must strike the golden mean, only possible by detaching oneself from the two and living for love in nothingness.

  • S1E61: The Last Smile Story

    Shom-Cindy and Raima-Aruna-Dilip are one. Having completed his karma, Shom is liberated. Raima’s smile merges into his and he achieves a state of nothingness.

  • S1E60: The Final Encounter

    Saif holds Raima hostage in Jaipur and leaves her to die. Shom traces Saif and kills him. He assumes Saif’s identity and Suman Bhatia is dead to the world.

  • S1E59: Harry Continues with the Saga of Cindy and Dilip

    Harry continues his recollection of the Cindy-Dilip love story. The family of Dilip’s childhood friend Liora migrated to Israel. Cindy and Dilip got together.

  • S1E58: Harry Remembers Cindy and Dilip

    Shom and Khush follow the Indo-Pak confrontation on TV. Harry shares his memories of Cindy and Dilip from his childhood with Swapna, Arjun, Natasha and Anita.

  • S1E57: Flashback to the Past

    Shom and Khush recall Raima being scarred on discovering Saif Hussein being involved in terror activities. After meeting Khush, she had moved on to Shom.

  • S1E56: Natasha and Anita Team Up

    Ignored by Raima and Shom respectively, Natasha and Anita embark on a relationship. Dildos are put to work in Harry’s outhouse after Anita arrives in Calcutta.

  • S1E55: Aneesha’s Transformation

    Khush tells Shom about meeting Aneesha, who had undergone sex change surgery and was now a woman. Khush had awakened her sensitivity and they were together.

  • S1E54: Natasha Loses Her Cool

    Natasha is upset that Harry ignores her. She and Arjun convince Harry to feature in an ad film with them. Arjun prepares for a presentation to Haldia Refinery.

  • S1E53: Peeping Tom

    Hashu was lousy in bed and Bumblee turned her attention to Harry. Hashu was thrilled when Bumblee became pregnant. At the age of twelve Harry was a proud dad!