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Hum Baahar Se Ek, Andar Se Do Hain…

Hum wo nahin, duniya ke aage jo hain Baahar se ek, andar se do hainEk padaishi roop, doosra duniyadaari ka Ek mohabbat ka, doosra zimmedaari kaPaidaishi roop aisa, ke sab thukraate hain Sacchaai ka saamna karne se, hum katraate ...

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Zindagi Ek Paheli Hai | Song by Tapan Ghosh

What is life but a balancing act? We have to keep moving on by striking a balance. Tapan Ghosh says that we have the freedom to act, if we know our individual limits and stay within them.

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O Sailor!

 It’s the way I want to beIt’s beyond the pale for meIt’s what being unknown is all about It’s the path I choose to takeIt’s the destiny I makeIt’s my life now – the only way out Out ...

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